Hudl (or other service)

Posted by: Alister DeLong

Hudl (or other service) - 09/10/19 07:08 PM

I'm thinking about using Hudl this upcoming season but am curious about the pros and cons. Also curious if anyone uses a similar service that they might like better.

We practice off campus and I work at a different school, so watching film as a team is difficult.

Just interested to year some thoughts.

Thanks in advance.
Posted by: Rafael Marquez

Re: Hudl (or other service) - 09/11/19 01:21 PM

I have used Krossover and last season we switched to HUDL. It is very beneficial for the team as you can create clips and add comments or suggestions to them and send out to your players to watch and organize those clips by positions as well. That way you can send a clip only to your defense, midfield or forwards. Your team will also have access to the games and watch those games so they will be able to watch the film. Also, you can share and ask for game film from other schools that use HUDL.

Between Krossover and HUDL, I like HUDL the best.
Posted by: David Schroer

Re: Hudl (or other service) - 09/12/19 11:41 AM

We use HUDL and have some of the same context as you, Alister.

I work at a different school. Practices are all over the place as we have one match/practice surface for Boys and Girls soccer and Lax. My assistant DOES work at Flora, and we use his classroom often for meetings/film.

I find that the boys watch Hudl film a lot on their own. Now, whether or not they're breaking it down appropriately is another thing. I find that, at least for boys, after an 8 hour day of school, the last thing they really want to do is sit in a classroom and do film analysis. I've encouraged them to make highlight film for college recruitment and their software is intuitive enough. Some have taken advantage of this.

Like Coach Marquez said, Hudl makes it easy to share film with other coaches. You can then share that scout film with your players if you wish. That seems to be beneficial and you can assign "homework" - What does this team do well? Weaknesses? Etc. They seem to respond well to that.
Posted by: coachsloan

Re: Hudl (or other service) - 09/13/19 09:00 PM

What do you use to record the game on ? HOw is it uploaded to HUDL ?
Posted by: Rafael Marquez

Re: Hudl (or other service) - 09/16/19 02:13 PM

When you sign up, they will mail you a kit that contains and Ipad with a tripod for you to record the games. You can record directly into the HUDL app and if you have WIFI or as soon as the Ipad get connected to WIFI, it will automatically upload. You can also use a video camera and manually upload the games. You will get a tutorial on the how to things once you sign up.
Posted by: Alister DeLong

Re: Hudl (or other service) - 09/16/19 04:15 PM

Thanks everyone for the feedback.
What is the turn around time between uploading the game and being able to watch it?
Posted by: Rafael Marquez

Re: Hudl (or other service) - 09/16/19 05:52 PM

A couple of hours while it uploads. If you decide to go with HUDL Assist you can add 2 more hours to it. I use HUDL assist and it breaks down all of you stats, time of possession, shot chart etc. Pretty nice information.

Follow the link below for a video on the HUDL Assist.
Posted by: SharksFutbol

Re: Hudl (or other service) - 09/16/19 07:12 PM

I used Assist last year (highly recommended) and the upload took about 3-4 hours. Usually Id have the video uploaded & broken down from assist before lunch the next day