The Refs

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The Refs - 02/22/02 01:58 PM

What do you think about them. Do they really control the game.
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Re: The Refs - 02/22/02 04:47 PM

As a coach and a first year ref I can honestly say
I appreciate what refs do on the field much more. It is extremely difficult to see everything on the field, especially when 2 people are watching 22 players, plus coaches, benches, fans, etc. Just as a player will not get every pass, shot, tackle, etc. right, neither will a ref get every call right. They do the best that they can, and we should accept their decisions however fallible they might be, and respect their calls. Before you begin to question a ref's call, ask yourself how you would feel if everytime you took a bad shot a ref said: "hey can't you take a better shot than that? Don't you know how to kick the ball without shanking it? etc., etc." Remembering that we are all human helps us realize we can and will make mistakes as players, coaches, and refs. Learning from those mistakes is what matters most.

And forget not the immortal words:
good teams overcome bad calls.
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Re: The Refs - 02/23/02 03:06 AM

I totally agree with Joe. They are just as imperfect as us. And his quote "Good teams overcome bad calls" is so true. Because any team can just say "Oh we lost because the refs were giving bad calls". But if a team does not dwell and worry over those bad calls they can work on more important stuff such as teamwork and improving as better competitors of soccer players. But I know it is human to make judgments because I have made many but just try to hold them inside or say it to yourself softly so as not to increase your chances at getting carded. Nice entry Joe.
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Re: The Refs - 02/23/02 03:45 AM

I agree with Joe too..but i think the refs determine more the pace of the game than anything. Its true that a good team will over come bad calls..but no matter what the refs are going to set the standard for the style of game. I believe that the refs decide how much contact will be allowed..stuff like that. Players can still win a game with refs calling tons of penalties.
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Re: The Refs - 02/23/02 03:06 PM

I coached club soccer for several years. I always thought that the referees set the tone for the game. The "let them play" officials were the most problem (in my opinion) but those that that see fouls on every challenge disrupt the games nearly as badly. There are many excellent referees in SC and we should make it a point to thank them after every game.

Some of the best officiated games that I have seen have involved my team getting its head kicked in by a superior team. Referees seldom cause the outcome of a game to change. Missed shots frequently change the outcome.

In club soccer referees frequently know the home players by name and know their playing styles from having called many of their games over the season. I believe that this can give the home players an unintentional advantage. Do any others have thoughts about this?
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Re: The Refs - 02/23/02 03:49 PM

Well what i was trying to say is that i think they need three refs on the field rather than two. one for each side and a middle ref. I think every thing would be seen then. It would help a lot on off sides.
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Re: The Refs - 02/24/02 05:48 AM

As a former ref, I was told (and believe) that the players determine the level of play and amount of contact. I tried to to maintain the flow of the game and ensure the safety of the players. At the pregame instruction, I told the players and my assistants what I would and more importantly would not allow. Example, two men standing together with arms by sides going up for a header SOME contact allowed; one guy taking a five yard run then coming over the top of a stationary man and "accidently" hitting head with forearm = red card.

Two quick comments: 1. With a two man system, you will NEVER be in position. The players are too fast and can change the position of the ball much faster than you can run. 2. Don't forget that the refs have "played" every minute of the game and probably just did the JV game before. Even people in great condition will slow down towards the end of the game.
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Re: The Refs - 02/23/02 07:07 PM

I think that w/ every sport, there are bad calls and good calls. Keep your cool and play the game. Crying like a girl won't help at all.
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Re: The Refs - 02/24/02 03:32 AM

Who are you talkin' to?....I don't think anybody is crying...we're just having a don't have to read it if you don't want to.
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Re: The Refs - 02/24/02 05:13 AM

I wasn't implying that anyone was crying. Don't take everything so personally. I'm just saying that in the heat of the game, it is hard to shake off bad calls, but it's just as much a part of the game as passing and shooting.
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Re: The Refs - 02/24/02 05:33 AM

Yeah he was just making a generalization.
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Re: The Refs - 02/24/02 06:05 PM

I know that refs try to determine a game, but it doesn't always work( ain't that right refs in the salkahatchie tournament?) they must have been trying to get the results they wanted. Edisto's last two games where called terribly. I guess the refs felt bad for the other teams. In the second game a call was made that the edisto keeper held his elbow out, which was a very questionable call that at most should have recieved a warning, but the keeper was given a yellow card and sent off the field with a penalty kick given to wade hampton, the keeper was not allowed back on until the next sub so Edisto's Kurtis Evans was put in goal he made a great save to keep Wade Hampton scoreless. Later in the game one of WH's forwards ran into an edisto defender and was given a penalty kick, which this time was stopped by the starting keeper. Refs couldn't win this game so they tried again in the Championship game giving Williston Elko a penalty kick in a 2-1 game in which an Edisto defender tackled the ball away not even touching the WE player but of course he made the dramatic fall and was awarded the PK which in the end sent the game into PK's. Refs lost again. overall most of the games in the tournament were called horribly as reported by other teams. There has to be some way to prevent these calls. I understand 1 or 2 bad calls but when it happens as often as it did there is no excuse.
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Re: The Refs - 03/06/02 05:36 AM

Ok players, coaches and refs, what calls are refs consistently getting wrong, and how can we use this board as a forum for better understanding of the game. Be specific.

Case in point: player A1 is attacking the goal of Team B and is in the penalty box in a 1v1 against B1. B1 then obstructs A1 so that his shot is wide. Ref blows the whistle and makes what call?

I'll post the correct answer later, but let's see how many know this one first. My point is better refs begin by better understanding the rules and spirit of the game.
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Re: The Refs - 03/06/02 05:46 AM

That all depends on how he was obstructed, if he was hit from behind or given a hip check or somethin, it should be a PK, if the defender got around him, and made a legal slide tackle getting ALL ball, it should be a corner or goal kick depending who had the last touch on it.
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Re: The Refs - 03/06/02 05:53 AM

Also, i noticed someone said that its the players who control the pace and physicality of the game.
I DONT believe this is true. Its the refs who can keep that all under control. Take the LR/Crestwood game. The refs WERE NOT calling any calls against the physical part of the game, and the players are gonna play as physical as they can as long as they aren't getting penalized for it. Ive heard from several coaches growing up, PLAY AS PHYSICAL AS THE OFFICIALS WILL ALLOW. Because the refs were allowing us (LR/C-wood)to play so rough, BOTH sides continued to get more physical. I feel if the refs began calling the fouls at the BEGINNING and not the END of the game, it would not have turned out so agressive and made what is now a STRONG RIVALRY.
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Re: The Refs - 03/05/02 06:13 PM

OK Joe- That EXACT situation happened in our game on Thurs night against Boiling Springs. The official called it an indirect free kick, on which they scored. Now according the answer you will post later, was he right? If he wasn't what can be done? I'll post the answer to this later.... no wait I'll answer it now- If his call was incorrect, the outcome/score of the game was changed and absolutely NOTHING can be done about it.
If he was right, the outcome/score of the game is still the same- no big deal.
I think what people are saying here is that the officals do control and change the game. Always with a result that is favorable to one team. That is inevitable. A referee can call the best and worst game of his career at the same time. It all depends on who you are pulling for! As a coach all you can ask is that they are consistent.
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Re: The Refs - 03/05/02 08:34 PM

i believe the refs do attempt to do the best job they can. and they do have a tough responsibility in having to look over 22 players, coaches, fans, ect. but another problem is, there arent that many good refs working in the high school league. alot of the guys working these games are not always the best refs. i suggest they go to the 3 man system with a center ref and 2 linesmen. but that would require more money than schools and districts feel they should spend on soccer. which is a shame. that would ease up the amount of responsibility a little. but i feel the biggest problems right now with officiating right now is over responsibility for refs, which most of them arent experienced or skilled enough to handle.
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Re: The Refs - 03/06/02 02:11 PM

I believe that 99% of all refs do their very best and are impartial, but then there are the ones like i had at Turkey Day. It was not a call or a questionable decision that he made. It was a statement. Our player fouled the opposing teams player but it should have been advantage. The other coach was mad, and he had a case. The ref yelled back from about 40 yards away, "your players decided not to play advantage."

I can live with blown calls or refs not seeing everything, they are human, but this example if the type of lack of knowledge that i cannot take. Not knowing when exactly to call advantage is fine but to completely ignore the rule is a problem.