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#124564 - 06/24/09 05:05 PM Re: confederations cup games on espn2 [Re: Kyle Heise]
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Holy freaking cow!!!!!!!!!!!!

How bout that underdog magic?!
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#124565 - 06/24/09 05:17 PM Re: confederations cup games on espn2 [Re: adidaskitten86]
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WOW - I still can't believe it!!! I watched it and still don't know how they managed to shut out Spain who dominated play, mostly right in front of our goal. They pounded Howard who was up to it today. Also Onyewu cleared a lot of balls. Plus a red card, but luckily, near the end of the match. Not lucky though for Michael Bradley who now can't play in the final.

#124566 - 06/24/09 05:17 PM Re: confederations cup games on espn2 [Re: adidaskitten86]
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excellent effort and and even better result!!!!

#124567 - 06/24/09 05:22 PM Re: confederations cup games on espn2 [Re: Ruler of the Pitch]
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incredible win for usmnt! dvr it (hopefully) and plan to watch tonight. too bad bradley got the red, i think he would have missed finals with a yellow.

#124568 - 06/24/09 08:44 PM Re: confederations cup games on espn2 [Re: letmeputittooyouthisway]
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Couldn't be any prouder of the team but most importantly the man who schemed it all..Bob Bradley. Too many unnecessary cries for him to get fired or resign and also the cry for a foreign coach...who said that would be the solution? Let Bob run out his term and do his work.Am sure the past 3 days will be some of his most memorable days. Again Kudos to him and his boys.To soccer fans,let the man run out his term and we can judge him then.Once again,great come back Bob!

#124569 - 06/24/09 10:37 PM Re: confederations cup games on espn2 [Re: SCKicker]
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If you didn't record it there is a replay on ESPN2 at 11pm tonight. What a game. Guess we won't have a chance to watch Spain Brazil. Now if only South Africa can do the same.

Howard was a beast as was Onyewu.

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#124570 - 06/25/09 12:21 AM Re: confederations cup games on espn2 [Re: Mad River]
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probably the most important win on the history of soccer in this country.

Im not sold on BB.

1. Spain played the worse game in the last 2 years, there is a reason why the are ranked number 1 in the world and they are the euro champos.

2. Torres, Chavi, and Pique had a horrible game.

3. Howards and Gooch were giants on the goal.

4. Donovan was going down to help the D and that was HUGE.

5. Davies is making a difference.

The most important player on the field was def Altidore, he only 19! I can see the next Drogba of American soccer, he is the real deal not mickey mouse freddy adu. I can see Altidore doing what none american has done so far, player for the great Real Madrid, he is just one of those big boys.

Spain underestimated the US but our players played a tremendous defensive game.

Im not sold on BB just yet, I can see him getting lucky in the world cup just like he has done it in this competition.

I tell you what, if is a US-Brazil game, I expect the boys to at least make an effort this time, if is a US-Sudafrica game, the US should win, why not?

A good game vrs Brazil or a win vs Sudafrica, if not, BB should go, getting luck in the world cup is not really my deal.
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#124571 - 06/25/09 09:24 AM Re: confederations cup games on espn2 [Re: Alma Merengue]
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Kudos to the US mens team. Maybe they'll get a bit more respect now. Great game by Tim Howard.

#124572 - 06/25/09 10:06 AM Re: confederations cup games on espn2 [Re: Bazza]
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unsung heroes
DeMerit played huge
Spector - nailed down the right back for me

Onyewu - best game he has played
Bocanegra - was good to have back but still need the left back solidified

Donovan - wanted this game - reminiscent of the Portugal game

Bradley - I am a big fan of M Bradley when he is on he is huge

Clark - solid - need better communication with Bradley too many balls between midfield and D in Spain's play

Altidore needs to be bigger game time... fantastic goal because of what he did to Pique(I think)... was the first time I saw him fight instead of dropping to the ground which he has done too much for my taste. He is a big kid who will not get the calls he thinks he should get.

Dempsey - if he ever puts his mind to it he can be a big time player, not happy with his performance overall.

Davies - speed, speed, speed ... just scares the H... out of the defenders, and battling for the ball which we have not seen a forward do for a while. He merits more playing time.

#124573 - 06/25/09 10:11 AM Re: confederations cup games on espn2 [Re: futbol(soccer)]
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I also don't buy the "Spain played the worst game ever"we have a tendency to forget that the opponent in the game gets a say in how you play.

Torres had some chances as well as other players, but the US closed down quickly and always seem to get a body on the ball. Did Spain dominate the ganme ...absolutely... but they could not penetrate. Did US get lucky to win... absolutely NOT... both goals were deserved goals. This is the game we love and sometimes you get some breaks. The US did exactly what it was supposed to do. Spain could not

notice the "could" in the statement.

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