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#124574 - 06/25/09 10:53 AM Re: confederations cup games on espn2 [Re: futbol(soccer)]
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And to those who say Spain dominated...go back and watch the first half again. There are LONG stretches where we have the majority of possession and Spain is on their back foot. I'd say the half ended pretty even possession-wise. Of course, with a lead, we're going to sit back a little in the 2nd half and of course, Spain put it into another gear...that's what top teams can do. So yes, we were under tremendous pressure the final 20 minutes but let's no lose sight of the first 45'.

My only complaint (like we have a right to have one after beating Spain!) is I wish in the 2nd half, when we did have the ball, we had taken better care of it. We gave it away far too easily and made it much more difficult on ourselves. And we took our throw-ins and goal kicks much too quickly...we could have taken a lot of time off the clock not to mention given the players a chance to catch their breath.

But those are small things and frankly, how many times in the past have we had the chance to close down a game against a superior opponent when we had the lead? Not many....

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#124575 - 06/25/09 01:05 PM Re: confederations cup games on espn2 [Re: Soccer Watcher]
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it's soccer and as we all know and have experience, the better team does not always win. even a tie is viewed as a win for the underdog. spain is a stronger side but the usmnt did what it had to do, got an early goal, had the breaks and bounces to go their way, gave great effort (put 8 in the box) and got the win.

#124576 - 06/25/09 04:58 PM Re: confederations cup games on espn2 [Re: letmeputittooyouthisway]
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I like what Lou Holtz says... "You don't have to be the best team in the world, you just have to be the best team in the stadium on that day".

#124577 - 06/27/09 11:21 AM Re: confederations cup games on espn2 [Re: Shrink Rapp]
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brazil is the only team that wont always dominate you and still beat you.

spain was making a difference bc of that not only they dominated every other team but they also finished well.

the US was lucky to be there in the first place, and they did a great game but that does not mean they gone do that every game. they have to be A LOT more consistent, anybody can have a great game on any day, now if you can do it on a consistent base, then is when you get respect.

Spain was sleeping, Torres was not on his day, so did Xavi and Pique and Puyol, Villa and Riera tried but it just didnt happend.

Honestly you think if the game was played again the US would win again? heck not, it wouldnt even be funny.

Now the US won and is time to celebrate but lets get go back to reality, you gone need more than a lucky game to beat brazil and I hope they do play like a real powerhouse, its about time! We've waited waayyy too long to see a competitive side in the world stage.

I hope the US comes up on top and who knows how they are going to do that, but if they dont at least they have to show the world that they can really play and the can really hang with the big dogs. If not, BB must go, i dont why you would want to have a coach who is not ready to win big games and big challenges. How much more time do we want to wait? Untill Japan and Australia become powerhouses and we still go to the world cup and come back with a 0-3 record?

I hope the US wins tomorrow, I really do, its time for soccer to get some real respect around the world. Maybe after that Jim Rome and Collin Cowherd would s.. the f... up.
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#124578 - 06/27/09 11:34 AM Re: confederations cup games on espn2 [Re: Alma Merengue]
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should BB use a 4-4-2 or 4-5-1, i read he might use the 4-5-1 but i think the 4-4-2 has been the best formation so far. what does everyone think?

#124579 - 06/27/09 09:02 PM Re: confederations cup games on espn2 [Re: ussoccer11]
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4-4-2 go for it nothing to lose not expected to be here so go for it same passion as against spain. Go USA

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