Kudo's to USC (3-0-1), C of C (3-1-0), Chas So. (1-0-1) for nice starts in their conference play. Furman okay at (2-2-0).

Wofford (1-3-0)
Citadel (1-3-0)

Winthrop (0-1-0)
Coastal (0-2-0)
Presby (0-2-0)

SC State (1-1-0)

SC Upstate (0-4-0)

With the So Con cutting the number of teams in playoffs this is a big weekend for C of C and Furman.

I don't think Presby is eligible for conference playoffs so Winthrop and Coastal need some results. 8 teams get in so if Presby is still ineligible, you just need to finish ahead of one. Seen CCU several times and they still can't finish.

Really like what C of C is doing, lots of talented young players and USC is playing pretty consistent soccer.