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#149466 - 05/14/11 02:09 AM Mauldin vs Mann
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kick off

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Whose everyone got in this match up?
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#149467 - 05/14/11 04:06 AM Re: Mauldin vs Mann [Re: yurpi123]
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kick off

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Mann has already taken both region games. The question is can they pull off a third win?
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#149468 - 05/14/11 03:48 PM Re: Mauldin vs Mann [Re: morethanyouthink]
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Mauldin 3-2. Mann is too young. "Nacho" is playing well, and that's not good for Mann.

#149469 - 05/14/11 04:25 PM Re: Mauldin vs Mann [Re: ElNino]
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goal kick

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Does anyone know where I can get directions to this game? Couldn't find it on the JL Mann website.

#149470 - 05/14/11 06:02 PM Re: Mauldin vs Mann [Re: morethanyouthink]
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corner kick

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Toss a coin on this one, but...

JL Mann - 2
Mauldin - 1

#149471 - 05/15/11 10:27 AM Re: Mauldin vs Mann [Re: Spartan]
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Mann 3
Mauldin 2

Gotta give the Mavs credit though, they played a very good game, in the end their sideline full of coaches couldn't pull it together. Two of Mann's 3 were on set pieces and an awesome one on two were one defender tripped and the other watched the Mann player take a fantastic strike.

Not sure what the deal was with Mauldin playing short corners most if not all of the time, especially in the closing minutes, when they brought 9 forward, including the keeper, and left their tallest defender at midfield?

Regardless, was a fun game to watch and an excellent effort for a Mavs team that had the talent and should have gone all the way.