SCACA Membership 2017/2018

Membership has its privileges.

We are proud to be a member-focused organization. SCACA membership provides the following benefits to our members.

* $1,000,000 Liability insurance coverage for coaching and teaching duties.
* $25,000 sexual abuse liability to help provide for defense coverage should a member be served with a suit or summons stemming from sexual abuse or molestation charges.
* Free admission to All-Star events (North-South games/matches).
* Members are qualified to be a named Coach of the Year in a sport.
* Permission to attend all-sports clinic.
* Opportunity to Coach in All-Star games/matches.
* Service award recognition.
* Awards scholarships to eligible children of members with at least 10 years’ service.
*Players, whose coaches are SCACA/SCHSSCA members have the opportunity to be selected to the SCHSSCA All-State Team