During the past two years, the World Cup qualifying matches were held in different continents, in order to identify the teams to the Russian World Cup. The Russian national team came to this tournament as the first team to host the tournament without participating in the World Cup qualifiers, after which the Brazilian national team confirmed their presence in the tournament.

Brazilian national team

But we should mention our country's national football team as one of the phenomena of this period as a third team to Russia. Our national team has only two goals in the World Cup qualifiers
He received the final match against Syria, as the leader of the group and wi thout loss to the World Cup, so that for the first time in the history of the national matches, the Iranian national team will also have two successive World Cups.

Iran National Football Team

The list of teams that climbs to the Russian World Cup, whose presence has been finalized to this day, is as follows:

Saudi Arabia
South Korea
در جام جهانی گذشته کشوری میزبان مسابقات بود که آب و هوایی گرم، مردمی فقیر و کشوری نه چندان پیشرفته در بیشتر حوزه های صنعتی و تکنولوژی داشت، در حالی که این بار روسیه میزبان مسابقات است؛ کشوری با آب و هوای معمولا سرد و یخبندان، شهرهایی بزرگ و پرجمعیت و البته اقتصادی بهتر از برزیل!

البته نیازی به نگرانی بابت آب و هوا نیست؛ مسابقات جام جهانی در ماه ژوئن سال 2018 در این کشور آغاز می شود، درست زمانی که اکثر شهرهای روسیه در بهترین وضعیت آب و هوایی قرار دارد. بنظر می‌رسد تور &...40;ه یکی از بهترین فرصت‌ها و البته لذت‌هایی باشد که می توانید در بین تمامی سفرهای گردشگری طول عمر خود تجربه کنید
One of the big events of the following year is the World Cup; this big event makes a lot of changes in the sport of soccer