Is there a way to look at future dates to make sure they do not coincide with Regional soccer tournaments? This will not help my son this year, but he, along with the majority of some of the top talent in the state had to decline their All-Star spots due to conflicts with Regionals and Nationals this year. There has to be a better way for these kids to be able to do both. Sadly, many of these kids made a club commitment back in the fall and could not bail on their club teams. It isnít everyday you get to play for Regionals and potentially a National Championship. At same time, it isnít everyday a player gets picked for North/South and Clash of Carolinas All-Star teams. Dates are known pretty far in advance for regionals, there has to be a better way to make things work for future players. It is an honor to be recognized as one of the best to represent your state. It is a sad travesty that the players canít accept spots because of a simple date conflict.
Soccer Dad