Keenan and Eau Claire High Schools will share this facility for football - ECHS had a new field-turf facility built last year on campus

New Richland 1 district stadium ready to host first football games
Lou Bezjak, The State

The stadium upgrades are part of nearly $40 million in athletics projects that have rolled out across the school district since 2015. After construction, all the district’s stadiums — Memorial, Keenan, Bolden and Lower Richland — will have similar features, including 5,000-seat capacity, artificial turf, video scoreboards and updated restrooms, press boxes, updated locker rooms and fencing.

Perkins said it was important for each stadium to have the same amenities.

A brick façade goes across the front of both the home and visiting sides. The turf is environmentally friendly and is made of sand ziolite and coconut fiber. The locker rooms have individual lockers for each player and will include Wi-Fi. The press boxes in the stadiums also will include Wi-Fi.

“It provides a nice spectator view, modern facilities and safer facilities,” Matz said. “And all those things are important when you are putting on a Friday night football game.”

The facilities will be used for more than football, and Matz hopes that they can host state soccer and lacrosse championships in the future. The stadium at Keenan also has a track, which will be used to host meets.