Dear Club Leadership and Team Coaches/Managers:

It is with sadness that I advise you Brandon Nichols has tendered his resignation to SC Youth Soccer effective Saturday February 16, 2019. All league communications will be directed to leagues@scysa.org effective immediately to allow Brandon time to complete any assignments and offer cross training to our staff members who will be delegated league assignments by the Executive Director. Keep in mind that our weather reschedule policy is now in effect this season. Any league match reschedules (non weather related) will be at the discretion of the Executive Director. As I have been monitoring all communications this spring season I am hopeful that there will be no more additional schedule changes requested after as our Master schedule was posted several weeks ago. SC Youth Soccer understands that conflicts arise but we also are one of the last remaining state associations to allow our coaches to make their own schedules. These last few weeks have been eye opening as to the number of coaches that make changes to schedules those coaches have already agreed upon at the scheduling meeting. These match changes are time consuming and often even attempted at the last minute becoming costly to the teams, Clubs and the state association. We will do our very best to complete the spring season without any fault.

On a personal note, I was impressed with Brandon Nichols in 2011 when he interned with SC Youth Soccer. He continued to surprise me his with creativity and devotion to our organization through many difficult changes- promotion and relegation, junior academy league management and Cup planning. Brandon was outspoken at the Region South level helping the dialogue to change the Premier League ( now NL- Piedmont Conference) and for many of the staff, a true member of the family in every way. As such, we wish him the very best in all his future endeavors and will not forget the impact he has made on our sport in South Carolina.

Thank you for your attention

Hans W Pauling
Executive Director
South Carolina Youth Soccer