Your right again, Iím not dodging what I said! Maybe you ought to stop trying to make it out as if I said your son is a terrible player- which I didnít. Pointing out that your child wouldnít run into a coach due to the coach coaching high level teams ( corrected after the fact to represent my original intention - older high level ) isnít shaming your child, itís a reality. CBSC arenít even in the same league as the coach ( which is a high level league ). So even if your son is on a ďtop teamĒ with the Battery, he wonít be playing at a high level ( as far as league is considered ). I stand behind my comment with or with out the word older in the message, donít try to make it more than it is again.

Not to mention, my child & his teammates have worked hard to earn the opportunities they have in front of them. We are proud of our club, parents, players, coaches and itís leadership.