SOUTHERN SOCCER CHALLENGE 2020 - Friday-Saturday,March 20-21,2020

********************************** SEVEN OPENINGS REMAIN! ****************************

__________Grissom High School in Huntsville,Al is hosting the 17th annual Southern Soccer

Challenge, Friday-Saturday, March 20-21. This is a boys varsity tournament and is

NFHS nationally sanctioned. The format is eight teams, double elimination, cup and medal

flights. All teams play 3 games. Games are full length, with ties decided by two five

minute golden goal overtimes and if necessary, kicks from the mark. Teams play one game

Friday, and two games Saturday. According to 2010-2011 GHSAA Soccer Rules and Procedures,

paragraph H, for Georgia teams, "An exception is possible for two matches on one day in a

tournament". Alabama teams can play a third tournament but must count the tournament games

as regular season games in their total games allowed. All games played at the John Hunt

Soccer Complex the site of the Alabama State Soccer Final Four. Game fields are full size

120x70,tournament quality, hybrid bermuda,overseeded with perennial rye. If interested in

attending, contact me at info below. Tournament fee is $400 and due by Nov 31,2019. A

coaches hospitality room is provided for participating coaches and visiting college

coaches. Our aim is to attract quality programs from various states and provide

competitive matches against teams you would normally not get to play.

__________2019 tournament teams were Dickson County HS(Dickson,Tn),Grissom HS(Huntsville),

Huntsville HS(Huntsville), Independence HS(Franklin,TN), Jenks HS(Jenks,OK), Memphis

University(Memphis,TN), Randolph(Huntsville) and Valley View HS(Jonesboro,AR).

__________Teams flying to Huntsville will find a medium size airport with very easy

connections. The John Hunt Soccer Complex has easy access,on site parking and

games played on adjoining fields.

__________To date we have commitments from Grissom HS(Huntsville,Al).

__________Other 2020 interested and possible participants at the present time are:

Huntsville HS(Huntsville,Al).

__________We are looking for SEVEN more, very firm commitments.


committing. I realize there may be spring break and prom conflicts with some teams so

be sure and check that before committing.

__________Teams committing by email or phone will be contacted by email and/or

phone with the admin info: registration form,registration fee,hotels,national

sanction info and tournament schedule(when we get it set up). Requests to play

early or late game Friday, and an opponent you may or may not want to play will

be made,if at all possible. I can't promise, but will try.

__________Tournament format may be changed to accommodate more or less teams. The

weather can also determine a change in venue, game times and length. The tournament

will always guarantee 3 games per team if it is at all possible and/or feasible. A

team could play one,two or three games in one day to accommodate the changed

tournament format if the optimum number of eight is not reached, weather issues or

whatever reason. So far, every tournament has had eight, but there could be the

possiblity of five,six or seven.

___________Note: With the approval of both coaches and tournament directors and

having no bearing on Cup or Medal champions, second and third round opponents may

be changed to present a more favorable matchup as in two teams from the same area

or teams that may play each other during the season.

__________________________Teams From Past and Present Tournaments_________________________
Alta_______________Sandy,Ut________(1746 miles) - 2007
Altamont___________Birmingham,Al___( 102 miles) - 2005
Arlington__________Arlington,Tn____( 218 miles) - 2012
Auburn_____________Auburn,Al_______( 193 miles) - 2017
Bishop England_____Charleston,SC___( 538 miles) - 2006
Bob Jones__________Madison,Al______( 15 miles) - 2013,2014,2015,2016
Brentwood__________Brentwood,Tn____( 115 miles) - 2008 Cup Winner,2009,2010,2014,2018 Medal
Christian Brothers_Memphis,Tn______( 216 miles) - 2005 Medal Winner,2009,2010,2011
Collierville_______Collierville,Tn_( 194 miles) - 2013
Cookeville_________Cookeville,Tn___( 137 miles) - 2012
Dickson County_____Dickson,Tn______( 132 miles) - 2019
East Limeston______Athens,Al_______( 35 miles) - 2009,2010
Edmond Memorial____Edmond,Ok_______( 693 miles) - 2007
Evangel Christian__Cordova,Tn______( 211 miles) - 2005,2006
Farragut___________Knoxville,Tn____( 212 miles) - 2005
Father Ryan________Nashville,Tn____( 120 Miles) - 2005,2006,2009,2010
Germantown_________Germantown,Tn___( 206 miles) - 2004,2013,2014
Grissom____________Huntsville,Al___( host team) - 2004 Cup Winner,2005,2006,2007
Cup Winner,2008,2009,2010 Medal
Winner,2011 Cup Winner,2012,2013,2014,
Habersham Central__Mt Airy,Ga______( 288 miles) - 2008
Houston____________Germantown,Tn___( 202 miles) - 2014
Huntsville_________Huntsville,Al___( 6 miles) - 2012,2013 Medal Winner,2014,2015,2016,
2017,2018,2019 Medal Winner
Independence_______Thompson Sta,Tn_( 104 miles) - 2010,2015 Cup Winner,2016 Cup Winner,
James Clemens______Madison,Al______( 16 miles) - 2015,2018
Jenks______________Jenks,Ok________( 625 miles) - 2019 Cup Winner
Jonesboro__________Jonesboro,Ar____( 292 miles) - 2009 Medal Winner
Kell_______________Marietta,Ga_____( 165 miles) - 2006
Kelly Walsh________Casper,Wy_______(1485 miles) - 2011
McCallie___________Chattanooga,Tn__( 102 miles) - 2005 Cup Winner,2006 Medal Winner,2007,
Memphis University_Memphis,Tn______( 216 miles) - 2013 Cup Winner,2015 Medal Winner,2016,
Norman North_______Norman,Ok_______( 695 miles) - 2006 Cup Winner,2013,2014 Cup
North Gwinnett_____Suwanne,Ga______( 238 miles) - 2008
Page_______________Franklin,Tn_____( 95 miles) - 2016,2017 Cup Winner
Pebblebrook________Mableton,Ga_____( 159 miles) - 2017,2018 Cup Winner
Prattvile__________Prattville,Al___( 176 miles) - 2013
Putnam City________Oklahoma City,Ok( 689 miles) - 2015
Putnam City North__Oklahoma City,Ok( 689 miles) - 2008 Medal Winner,2010 Cup Winner
Randolph School____Huntsville,Al___( 5 miles) - 2004,2005,2006,2007,2008,2009,2010,
2011,2017 Medal Winner,2018,2019
Ridgeway___________Memphis,Tn______( 216 miles) - 2004
Rogers_____________Rogers,Ar_______( 561 miles) - 2008
Science Hill_______Johnson City,Tn_( 316 miles) - 2007
Siegel_____________Murfreesboro,Tn_( 78 miles) - 2011
Spain Park_________Birmingham,Al___( 112 miles) - 2012
Sparkman___________Harvest,Al______( 14 miles) - 2016 Medal Winner,2017,2018
Tulsa Union________Tulsa,Ok________( 625 miles) - 2009 Cup Winner,2011
Valley View________Jonesboro,Ar____( 290 miles) - 2015,2017,2019
Van Buren__________Van Buren,Ar____( 503 miles) - 2007 Medal Winner
Vestavia Hills_____Vestavia,Al_____( 106 miles) - 2012 Cup Winner
Wade Hampton_______Greenville,SC___( 351 miles) - 2008
Whitewater_________Fayetteville,Ga_( 202 miles) - 2007

____________________________________Past Teams By State___________________________________
Alabama______Altamont(05),Auburn(17),Bob Jones(13,14,15,16),East Limestone(09,10),
Huntsville(12,13,14,15,16,17,18,19),James Clemens(15,18),Prattville(13),
Randolph(04,05,06,07,08,09,10,11,17,18,19),Spain Park(12),Sparkman(16,17,18),
Vestavia Hills(12)
Arkansas_____Jonesboro(09),Rogers(08),Valley View(15,17,19),Van Buren(07)
Georgia______Habersham Central(08),Kell(06),North Gwinnett(08),Pebblebrook(17,18),
Oklahoma_____Edmond Memorial(07),Jenks(19),Norman North(06,13,14),Putnam City(15),Putnam
City North(08,10,11,12,14,16,18),Tulsa Union(09,11)
So. Carolina_Bishop England(06),Wade Hampton(08)
Tennessee____Arlington(12),Brentwood(08,09,10,14,18),Christian Bro(05,09,10,11),
Collierville(13),Cookeville(12),Dickson County(19),Evangel Chrstian(05,06),
Farragut(05),Father Ryan(05,06,09,10),Germantown(04,13,14),Houston(14),
Independence(10,15,16,19),McCallie(05,06,07,11,12),Memphis Univ(13,15,16,19),
Page(16,17),Ridgeway(04),Science Hill(07),Siegel(11)
Wyoming______Kelly Walsh(11)

Thanks and good luck this year,
Greg Arndt

Greg Arndt
2420 Tamera Dr SW
Huntsville,Al 35803

256 881-4273(home),

ps. Do not hesitate to call or email for any further info.

pps. If anyone hosts a tournament or has info on a good tournament I'd like to
have the particulars(dates,point of contact,email address,format,level of
play,facilities,etc). I have some contacts each year from teams looking for
tournaments and we also are looking to play in one.