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#176890 - 07/03/19 11:34 PM 2019-2020 SCACA / SCHSSCA Membership
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SCACA Membership 2019-2020


We are proud to be a member-focused organization. SCACA membership provides the following benefits to our members.

- $1,000,000 Liability insurance coverage for coaching and teaching duties. Liability insurance increases to $2,000,000 for 2019-2020 school year.

- $50,000 sexual abuse liability to help provide for defense coverage should a member be served with a suit or summons stemming from sexual abuse or molestation charges.

- Free admission to All-Star events (North-South games/matches).

- Members are qualified to be a named Coach of the Year in a sport.

- Permission to attend all-sports clinic.

- Opportunity to Coach in All-Star games/matches.

- Service award recognition.

- Awards scholarships to eligible children of members with at least 10 years’ service.

Membership is due by December 15, 2019. NO EXCEPTIONS TO THIS POLICY.

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Reminder that the SCACA All Sports Clinic will be held July 28-31 at the North Charleston Convention Center.

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SCACA All-Sports Summer Clinic
North Charleston Convention Center
July 27-31, 2019

7/27 Board Meeting - Brandon Smith (Lexington) & Shell Dula (SCACA Executive Director)

* Recognition of 20-year service award honorees
* Shell Dula reported "this is your organization"
* All Board members were present
* Cindy Jacobs went over the audit performed a Greenville firm and received a clean audit
* Salaries for 2018 and 2019 discussed and analyzed
* $47,000 in scholarships for SCACA coaches written in June
* Another $43,500 in scholarships to be cut in August
* 5,800 member coaches including 300 honorees in SCACA at 2018 Clinic
* 6,400 now in SCACA - hoping to hit the 7,000 mark by 12/31/19
* Coaches liability is now $2,000,000 with insurer
* The office of the Executive Direc5tor was always operated out of that individual's home until Shell and Mary Dula took over 11 years ago and now work out of a school in Greenwood School District 50
* $50,000 increase in investment - $900,000 in building funds
* Visit the vendors - $30,000 in contributions this year
* This year's Clinic cost more than $100,000
* Cindy Jacobs has done an outstanding job with promotions from vendors
* Suicide was addressed earlier this week and another session is today at 2 p.m., with Mrs. Kim Hilinski - it is the #1 killer of teenagers in the United States
* Kristy Schumacher addressed the Board with the addition of Lacrosse All-Star Games - motion passed for May 2019
* Football Coaches Association asked for increase in Auxiliary dues but that died from no motions
* About 40 new Athletic Directors attended a new seminar this year
* All Auxiliary organizations need to submit their All-Star events

SCACA Chaplain Charles Gee

* Hilinski Family addressing the members
* Sign up for FCA Coaches Weekly Devotional at

SCACA Prsident Brandon Smith

* SCACA website at
* Preston Thorne, former Gamecock football player and a member of USC Educational Department addressed SCACA members about the lack of teaching candidates in S.C.
* Special presentation given to Donald Addis (Whitmire) for completing 12 years on Executive Board

$250 - Golf
$1,000 - Cheer
$1,000 - Soccer
$2,000 - Basketball
$2,000 - Women's Sports
$3,000 - Baseball
$3,500 - Track / Cross Country
$5,000 - Football

Nominating Committee for new Board Members
5A Upper - Rick Tate, Boiling Springs
4A Lower - Chris Hamilton, South Aiken
3A Lower - Zack Norris, Keenan
2A Lower - ?, Whale Branch
1A Lower - ?, Whitmire

SCACA Coaches of the Year
Girls: Dave Snyder, Bishop England
Boys: Brian Gamble, Dixie

SCACA Service Awards (individuals that are or have been involved with prep soccer
40 Years: Tef Vitaris, Seneca MS
35 Years: Carlisle Koonts, Hartsville
30 Years: Kevin Darlington, Ridge View; Mack Harvey, Dutch Fork: Kevin Heise, Gray Collegiate; Kyle Heise, Gray Collegiate
25 Years: Brian Gamble, Dixie

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In the world of athletics, you hear the saying that “records are made to be broken”. Well, the 2019 Clinic did just that….6059 pre-registered membership, 121 vendor spaces, 425 guests for the Awards Banquet, 1700 raffle tickets for Mon.’s Vendor drawings plus 1000 more for Tues’s drawings, in addition to the most diverse session offerings in quite a while. We were excited over every hand that was shaken, every “hello” given, and every pat on the back. SC coaches, you, are commended on your support of the SCACA !!!

The Auxiliary Chairpersons are to be commended for their diligent work in recruiting excellent clinicians from the university/college ranks to our own high school staffs. We were, also, pleased to add sessions to assist those early in their coaching careers (ex. “Coaching: What I Thought I Knew”) and were delighted in the 45 attendees in “AD 101 for 1st Timers, 2nd Timers, Etc.” CPR Sessions and Cheer Safety Workshops were full. Tennis offered “Lunch & Learn” with actual demonstrations and a session, “Introduction to Men’s Volleyball”, made its debut. Another first was utilizing the field of Sports Psychology with Dr. Brandonn Harris of Georgia Southern (“Using Mental Skills Training to Separate Good from Great”) and Dr. Josie Nicholson of Univ. of Mississippi to address issues of mental health and suicide amongst athletes.

Tuesday’s Business Meeting elected the following Board of Directors: Chris Martin (Whitmire), 1-A Upper; Carlos Cave (Whale Branch), 2-A Lower; Zach Norris (Keenan), 3-A Upper; Chris Hamilton (S. Aiken), 4-A Lower; Rick Tate (Boiling Springs), 5-A Upper serving with Mike Srock (Byrnes) as President, Tim Perkins (Marion) as 1st VP, and Derek Youngblood (Williston Elko) as 2nd VP.

The following announcements were made:
• Increase of Liability Insurance to $2,000,000 per member coach
• Scholarship amount of $90,000 awarded to SC coaches’ children for 2019-20
• The first SCACA Lacrosse North South Matches to be played at N. Greenville Univ., May, 2020
• Greenville Turf and Tractor announced as a new SCACA Sponsor
• 2020-23 All-Sports Clinic to be hosted at the Greenville Convention Center

In the next few weeks, the SCACA office will post on Survey Monkey a 2019 Clinic survey. Let us hear from you. We do take note!!!


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