A couple of questions have appeared as posts in various forums.
Kevin H. was able to answer some of them, but said I could ask Charlie Wentzky at the SCHSL main office.
Here is Charlie's replies regarding schedules and player eligibility (varsity - jv):

a multi-school scrimmage where each team plays the other 30-40 minutes (i.e. - four teams = 3 x 30/40) does that count as one (1) scrimmage date?
Yes provided no one play for more than 5 total hours and the entire scrimmage for all is over in 5 hours

Other questions Kevin answered (AND Charlie confirmed):
26 total games INCLUDING tournament games -- YES

Games from 2/28 - 3/1 MUST BE TOURNAMENT GAMES - YES, 2/21-3/1 have to be in a tournament. 3/2 starts regular season.

4 scrimmages allowed - YES

After 2/10 you can scrimmage ANY TIME during the season -- NO, only from 2/10-2/29. After that is regular season on 3/2.

If a player plays in two varsity scrimmages, they must become a varsity only player? (one coach comment said this was the rule) NO, It never says that in the rules and regulations.

Can a player may move back and forth between the JV & varsity teams as long as they don't exceed the JV maximum (scrimmages and/or games) in which case they must become a varsity only player? (All team limits regarding contests per day, etc. must be adhered to ... I.E.- NO play in a JV game and then play in Varsity game immediately after). Correct. Except, if they dress for a contest, they are considered having played. So if they dress for the 5:30 JV match but don't play, that is considered their one game for the day.

JV players may be added to the Varsity roster at the conclusion of the JV season, especially if the Varsity team is entering the state playoffs? Provided they still have games left to play....yes

Hope this information helps clarify these topics.