Please assist as we compile an updated Head Coaching Record for boys and girls varsity coaches prior to the 2021 season.

All coaches should include each season served as a varsity head coach and include all regular season, tournament, and playoff matches. For example, if your squad in 2005 was 20-5-3 that would be 20 wins, five losses, and three draws.

If you have coached at more than one school, please provide a breakdown of each stint. The same would be true if you have coached boys and girls.

Email this information to

Thanks and we will have this information for the S.C. High School League record book, "Palmetto's Finest", as well as for SCHSSCA awards and milestones.


Coach Benjamin Jones
1995-2014 (20 Years)

Thomas Jefferson High School (1995-2004) Boys Varsity
150-95-15, 260 matches, 60.6%

William Penn High School (2005-14) Girls Varsity
90-75-5, 170 matches, 54.4%

To determine Winning Percentage, divide the number of draws by half and add it to the number of wins. Then divide by total number of matches played.
Example: 150 + 7.5 / 260 = 60.6% or 90 +_2.5 / 170 = 54.4%

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