I checked the SCYSA web site to check on the teams that won state championships. But these records do not go all the way back to the 1980's when I played. Back when I played the respective tournaments were arranged as follows: U-12, U-14, U-16, and U-19. But in recent years it's not two years, but each specific age group has their own tournaments like U-15. Now, in the summer and Fall of 1985, I played on a U-15 team, (the Charlestown Blitzkrieg) but we had to play in the under 16 state tournament. We made the final four. There was an article in the sports page in Charleston about this. The other three teams were the older teams, one from our club (Charelstown S.C.) and the other two were from Irmo and Saint Giles. But here is the point. If we were the last team standing at U-15, does that mean, by recent standards, that we actually won a state championship? By final standing, you know, the way that D1 college football determined the national champions before the playoff system was established. Talk about historical revision! 35 years later! But it's true.The only question is, is this provable? Perhaps these records are lost forever. But if they can be retrieved, mabey some type of recognition is in order at the SCYSA website, or even this site. This is of course for old times sake. Iam just nostalgic for these sorts of things. My other teams got close in the 1980's in club and high school, (Bishop England) but we never won a state championship.