While we have over 150 Teams Registered, we are looking for the following teams to help clean up some brackets. We offer a reduced rate for these teams at $200 Per Team. If you have an open weekend next weekend and would like to attend a great tournament, please contact Stephen Roach at sroach_83@yahoo.com.

(2014)U9 Girls at any level
(2013)U10 Girls 1st Division
(2012)U11 Girls 3rd Division
(2011)U12 Boys 1st Division
(2010) U13 Girls 1st Division
(2010) U13 Boys 1st Division
(2010) U13 Boys 3rd Division
(2009) U14 Boys 3rd Division
(2004/2005/2006) U17,18,19 Girls 3rd Division
(2004/2005/2006) U17,18,19 Boys, any division