Hey, everyone.

It's finally here (already)!

The first South Carolina High School Soccer Coaches Polls will open this Friday at 7:00 PM on Scorbord.com!

While I know that this group is amped up and ready to go, it looks like we still need to get the other coaches around the state motivated and plugged into the Scorbord platform.

I'll reiterate for you that first and foremost we need all of the coaches to Sign Up, Join Their Team, and Enter their team's Schedules and Scores into Scorbord.com. Without that, the Polls do not work well. This is of utmost importance. We need to strive to get at least 70% of the teams signed up in each Class.

You can check to see which teams have (or have not) signed up within your Classification here >>> (South Carolina Signup Progress Tracker - GoogleSheet

Also, now is a great time to make sure that everyone who has expressed interest in voting in your Coaches Poll is invited and accepts their invitation to join the Ranking Committee. But please make sure that they know that they need to Join Their Team and post their Schedules/Results within the Scorbord website as well. I see a handful of people who have accepted a Ranking Committee invitation but haven't claimed their team and filled out their schedule.

If you need help with anything or clarification on anything, please let me know!

All the best,

Steven M. Holt
Founder, CEO
Scorbord Sports, LLC.

m. 706-315-3046
e. steven@scorbord.com