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#40755 - 05/11/06 02:33 AM Re: * * ALL SEMIFINAL SCORES * *
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ahhh. i was wrong with the valley score but it looks like it was a pretty good game. can't wait to see the final with Northwestern.

way to go BC!!! score 4 goals only 2 of them were the wrong net. I don't think Dreher could've asked for a better game. They got it handed to them on a silver platter.

looks like the 4A and 3A final games aught to be great games. i can't wait to watch them.

#40756 - 05/11/06 02:42 AM Re: * * ALL SEMIFINAL SCORES * *
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My heart goes out to BC..what a tough loss!

Yes, BC had two own goals..but you can't take anything away from Dreher. It was a back and forth match..VERY exciting.. the crowds were outstanding.. just great HS soccer..and a shame someone had to lose.

#40757 - 05/11/06 03:26 AM Re: * * ALL SEMIFINAL SCORES * *
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Bishop England - 5
Waccamaw - 1

The Warriors ran into a Bishop England team that brought their A game tonight. The BE attack proved to be to much for the young Warrior team with their fast crossing runs and perfect passing. Although it was only 2-1 at the half, the WHS Keeper (Clayton Bezdek) kept the Warriors in the game with some outstanding saves. In the second half, the Warriors actually played better, but the BE attackers were able to capitalize on their opportunities and found the back of the net often. Great job by both teams, and we are looking forward to watching the continued development of the young Waccamaw team who surpassed everyones expectations. Good luck to the Bishops in the final, but if they play as well as they did tonight, they wont need it.

#40758 - 05/11/06 03:59 AM Re: * * ALL SEMIFINAL SCORES * *
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Walhalla 1-0 over Emerald. It was a tale of two halves. Walhalla scored in the first half. Emerald missed two early sitters in the six box during the first half and that was the difference. Walhalla worked hard and finished one of the few chances they created. They played with the desire it takes to be an upperstate champion and they capitalized their opportunities. Congratulations, and Good Luck at State.

#40759 - 05/11/06 04:25 AM Re: * * ALL SEMIFINAL SCORES * *
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Any recap of the Riverside vs. Daniel game?

#40760 - 05/11/06 04:33 AM Re: * * ALL SEMIFINAL SCORES * *
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Kudos to Emerald for playing a well-fought match against Walhalla. It looked like you guys had them on their heels almost the entire second half.

Well-earned Razorbacks, and good luck at state against Bishop England.

#40761 - 05/11/06 04:42 AM Re: * * ALL SEMIFINAL SCORES * *
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Walhalla 1
Emerald 0

WHS Shots - 8
Emerald Shots - 4

#40762 - 05/11/06 04:45 AM Re: * * ALL SEMIFINAL SCORES * *
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Congratulations to Dreher on their Class 3A Lower State Championship!

Dreher has a great team and one that could finally deliver a state title to the Lower State. I wish the Blue Devils the best of luck, not only as region members, local kids, and rivals, but because their kids displayed great sportsmanship (as did our boys) in a high-spirited and hotly-contested match.

Even as a group of Dreher students ran onto the field after the match to taunt the Brookland-Cayce team, supporters, etc. several Dreher players (they know who they are) exhibited top class in telling their classmates to turn around and that there would be "none of that".

The B-C/Dreher games have been 'wars' the last four years with Dreher certainly holding the upper hand, but kudos to Coach Richard Rowell and his staff as well his players for showing good sportsmanship and discipline!

As for my boys, I could not be more proud of a group of guys that came in after our 2001 and 2002 Lower State Championship seasons only to have the "supposed upperclassmen" dismissed for not following team/program rules heading into their freshman season of 2003. These kids (10 of them) were then thrown to the fire as 14-year olds and eight of them had to start and live up to a decade-long reputation of top soccer at BCHS.

Quite simply as freshmen and sophomores, our kids battled but weren't ready to take on the type of schedule and expectations that were thrust upon them. However, the last two years, these guys have battled the best teams that we could possibly schedule and have ALWAYS left their best effort on the pitch. That was never more true than tonight before a great high school soccer crowd at Memorial Stadium! Our young men played with their hearts on their sleeves and left it on the field. The hurt that these young men feel tonight should subside in time and allow them to look back on their prep careers with pride and knowing that they gave everything that they had.

My kudos to Dreher! My players at B-C (especially my seniors that have brought the program back to where WE want it to be), and our tremendous Bearcat Soccer Family that showed up in great force tonight in Columbia! Let's get out and bring that same great energy and effort to our girls team at Stone Stadium on Friday at 5:00 p.m. as our B-C girls quest for the back-to-back state championships begins!

Senior Boys -- I could not be more proud of you for your effort, commitment, and passion for our program than what you left on the field tonight! Be proud of your senior season and the great run that you've made and the fact that you've put B-C Bearcat Soccer back where we want it -- playing the last week! [Smile]

#40763 - 05/11/06 04:49 AM Re: * * ALL SEMIFINAL SCORES * *
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In reference to Dreher/BC, I would contend that in no way, shape, or form was Brookland-Cayce its own enemy tonight. As an administrator I rarely post opinions, but those in attendance tonight (and it was an unmatchable crowd and atmosphere that you can really only understand if you were there) witnessed two teams who both refused to give-in. The own goals were exactly what I said on the sidelines -- unfortunate. This was one of the most 'leave it out on the field' performances I've witnessed in 17 years of high school soccer. Both teams are to be commended for their actions on the field .. and off. And kudos to Dreher players showing class by 'shooing off' some fans who were happy and fired-up heading for the B-C stands after the match. Don't think we didn't notice and appreciate that move, Blue Devils. Best of luck Saturday.

#40764 - 05/11/06 04:59 AM Re: * * ALL SEMIFINAL SCORES * *
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Amen Coach Easley!

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