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#40775 - 05/11/06 07:53 PM Re: * * ALL SEMIFINAL SCORES * *
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scdad Get Real!!

#40776 - 05/11/06 07:54 PM Re: * * ALL SEMIFINAL SCORES * *
2004striker Offline

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Now I understand why the boys can't spell.

#40777 - 05/11/06 08:13 PM Re: * * ALL SEMIFINAL SCORES * *
The Real Henry Offline

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Goals: Enzo Martinez, Mitchell Gullick
Assists: Ben Brannan, Ryan Kropp

Well played game by both squads. Very physical game, with 7 cards overall (6 yellows for MHS and 1 yellow for NHS). Mauldin played very well, with their goal coming off a well striked ball that sailed into the net because of a scramble in the box. Taylor Crawford held strong at the end with a lot of pressure. Made several great saves along with Mauldin's keeper playing a great game.

Great atmosphere, great teams, great game! Can't wait til Saturday! Well done to both squads! Mauldin played great, but just came up a tad bit short.

#40778 - 05/11/06 09:38 PM Re: * * ALL SEMIFINAL SCORES * *
Theballisinthenet Offline

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great job to all teams, especially Christ Church. 7-0! wow! i will be there all day to see most of all the games. can't wait to see all the action

#40779 - 05/09/07 08:37 PM Re: * * ALL SEMIFINAL SCORES * * [Re: The Real Henry]
GloryDayKnight Offline

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Two quality teams and I'm glad to hear it was a even matched game. I do have a complaint that has nothing to do with semifinals. It is relation to ALLSTATE PLAYERS. For years I feel that the selection process is biased. I was an allstate highschool player for 2 years and even then I felt it was biased. My main complaint is that the leading goal scorer for 4-a was not on the team. Austin Savage scored 56 goals and 6 assist and was left off the team. This is poppy cock. Just being used as a comparison, but the 2 dorman kids stats combined are still far from what savage did. Actually if you take away ENZO and maybe 2 more no one in 4-A came close to his production. Hell, the kid plays on a team full of hardworking, big heart kids and produces game in and game out. If he played on a team such as wando, NW, SV, SUMM, Irmo, Dutch etc. with these stats there would be no hesitation in putting him on the team. I am just tired of all the politics in youth sports. Wando has 3 on the team and there coach, the only rep. from the lowcountry was not even there. It is BS to say the least. For everyone who is overlooked but full of talent I commend you and keep up the good work. For those of you who receive undeserving achievements take them now 'cause when or if you play in college you have to earn them. Enough of my rant, Good Luck to all teams still playing!

#40780 - 05/09/07 09:42 PM Re: * * ALL SEMIFINAL SCORES * * [Re: GloryDayKnight]
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kick off

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Glory, Glory--- I agree with your view. Also, include the Greenville keeper with only 2 goals scored on him all year. If that is correct? NOW all you great humble folks out there, tear Glory apart, that's what many of you are great at! WRONG thread, WRONG team, WRONG region, WRONG coach, WRONG daddy, READY SET GO.................

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