The “Dual Participation Bill” passed out of the Senate Education Committee back to the Senate floor with a favorable recommendation. It passed with a unanimous vote with one abstention. Now is the time for everyone to send faxes, emails and make some phone calls to the senators. This bill is by no means a “slam dunk” to get passed by the Senate. Hopefully, when it goes back to the Senate floor, it will not be opposed by one of the senators. This would hold the bill up even further. There is a possible “clarification of terminology” that may be put in the bill that supposedly will guarantee that a coach’s authority to make rules for the team is not compromised. The email addresses for the senators are:

Thomas C. Alexander
Ralph Anderson
Andre Bauer
William S. "Bill" Branton, Jr.
John E. Courson
John W. Drummond
Dick Elliott
Michael L. Fair
Robert Ford
Warren K. Giese
Maggie Wallace Glover
Chauncey K. Gregory
Lawrence K. "Larry" Grooms
John D. Hawkins
Robert W. Hayes, Jr.
Donald H. Holland closed
C. Bradley Hutto
Darrell Jackson
John R. Kuhn
John C. Land III
Hugh K. Leatherman, Sr.
Phil P. Leventis
Larry A. Martin
John W. Matthews, Jr.
Glenn F. McConnell
J. Yancey McGill
William C. Mescher
Thomas L. Moore
William H. O'Dell
Kay Patterson
Harvey S. Peeler, Jr.
Robert L. "Bob" Peeler
Clementa C. Pinckney
Luke A. Rankin
Arthur Ravenel, Jr.
Glenn G. Reese
Scott H. Richardson
James H. "Jim" Ritchie
W. Greg Ryberg
Edward E. Saleeby
Nikki G. Setzler
Linda H. Short (Mrs. Paul)
J. Verne Smith
David L. Thomas
Daniel B. "Danny" Verdin III
Robert L. Waldrep, Jr.