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#65834 - 06/15/05 12:42 AM Re: Argentina 3 Brazil 1, what's going in the world's game.

Women's world cup where? when? Are you serious? Soccer? What?

Sorry, don't know much about soccer, my deal really is futbol. Soccer may be for girls, futbol is not!

We really don't think futbol is a woman sport... there is nothing sexiest in that. Futbol is the sports of the best and brigest, the strongest, the fastest, the quickest, the one WITH THE STRONGEST MIND, AND THE BIGGEST EGO.

Women are better the way they are, playing sports for fun, sports such as Tennis, Voleyball, and Cheerleading is good for girls.

I personally do not like a girl with muscles, or a girl too smart, they're annoying. Its been scientifically proved that women can't be smarter than men.

Do you like girls bigger than you? Or smarter than you? If you do, good for you, I don't.

If I tell you that Michael Jordan was the best Basketball player in the history of the world, would that be racist?

If I say that America is the best in Beisball (some people think is Cuba) would that be racist?

Well I'm good at soccer, I've won state championships in club (not in HS, HS ball is not competetive at all), how is that arrogant? Its the compensation of my effort, there is nothing to be ashame of...

I think MLS is slow, and Premier is boring, how do you think I feel about girl's soccer? You think I would sit in a chair and watch girl's soccer for 90 minutes? I don't even do it to watch Premier League, why would I do it for girls soccer?

Well if is a bounch of Cheerleaders, or Carmen Electra playin soccer, I would be there all day long. That's one of the reasons I think football is fun to watch. I would never go to a football game if there is not cheerleaders on it! Soccer may be for girls, futbol is not.

"Muscles can't compete againts intelligence" Fenomeno

#65835 - 06/15/05 12:50 AM Re: Argentina 3 Brazil 1, what's going in the world's game.
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Poor old Fenomeno,women who are smarter than him annoy him!!!!
Well, well I bet you walk around in a constant state of fury because every woman you meet falls into THAT category!!!!!
You need to "stick a cork in it" because every time you post you look worse and worse.

#65836 - 06/15/05 12:56 AM Re: Argentina 3 Brazil 1, what's going in the world's game.

I look worse and worse?

Does that means "I've never won anything in my life, I don't know crap about futbol, and I'm European."


That really means "you look worse and worse?"

I don't understand your madness? Really, in the first place, you should begin by telling us WHO THE HELL ARE YOU?

#65837 - 06/14/05 08:50 PM Re: Argentina 3 Brazil 1, what's going in the world's game.
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Fenomeno do us all a favor and shut up...I've been reading many posts by you and none of them say anything about yourself except well...I just wont go there

#65838 - 06/15/05 12:16 AM Re: Argentina 3 Brazil 1, what's going in the world's game.
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Fenomeno-you seem to know a lot about futbol and are proving a lot of good points but you keep contradicting yourself on the very next post you write mabye you should just look at what you were saying originally about being fair and not being racist and just look at what you are saying in your later posts I think you will find that you are sounding like what you seem to hate about a few Americans and Europeans

Just some constructive critiscism(i think that's how you spell it)

#65839 - 06/15/05 07:54 AM Re: Argentina 3 Brazil 1, what's going in the world's game.
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I thought fenomeno was leaving

just go away

#65840 - 06/15/05 11:11 AM Re: Argentina 3 Brazil 1, what's going in the world's game.
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"Muscles can't compete againts intelligence" Fenomeno
This is a quote from someone who routinely butchers the English language! [Confused]

fenome"not" - where are you from? I know Mexico, but did you play high school soccer? If so, when and where?

#65841 - 06/15/05 04:58 PM Re: Argentina 3 Brazil 1, what's going in the world's game.

Am I racist? Are you kidding?

That's how everything started

Dude called bazza said

"Interesting thread. Must disagree with the best ever player in Pele. The best ever player was a man called George Best, once acknowledged by Pele himself as the greatest ever player. If you ever get a chance to see video of him, he was phenomenal."

Shearer said

"Get that lame A@@ Bazza~!!!! What a fool. Tell you what I would take Pele and Best(didn't he drink a lot) ove Maradonna and Ronaldo any day of the week. Maradonna/Ronaldo are/were ALWAYS hurt!!!"

Then Mr. Bazza called me an ignorant, CALLED ME AN IGNORANT!

"Fenomeno, your ignorance is quite staggering!! I need a couple of Carlsbergs just to readjust after reading your post.
Who is Giggs? He plays for Manchester United.
Who is ManU?? they are the biggest club on the planet.
Who is Wales?? IT is a country my friend, look at a map.
Who is Arsenal?? They are one of the best teams in Europe and incidentally when United beat them in 1999 in the FA Cup they had 4 members of the France team that won the World Cup the year before!!! By the way, their is a team called Arsenal in the top ten of the Argentinian League right now, although I'm sure you know that right???
Chelsea is making differences???
Oh yeah, the Chelsea that Liverpool beat last night, That Chelsea??
Without South Americans European football would not have diving, spitting and dirty tackles from behind, Thanks a lot for that.

And by the way, Brazil is not hispanic, the people their are of Portugese ancestry, which happens to be a European country.
Maradonna also owns the record for the most ephedrine consumed during a World Cup Tournament and I believe he is now the fattest ex-player in the world!!"

See Mr. Bazza started everything! Have not idea who the hell he is!

Then everybody just went crazy.

Shearer said "I don't want you sharing anything w/ my "body" WHAT AN ASS!

Here is the most funniest thing I've head in years;

Mr. Aleksandra said

"jose right on. European soccer obviously outclasses south american soccer by the simple fact that the best from south america go to europe to play."


Mr. Andrew Foley said

"Whoever this guy is who won't stop saying how great Ronaldo is - GET REAL! He hasn't been the same player since he busted his knee with Inter/blew up at the final of France '98. Yes he was great and had bags of potential but he, like a lot of South American players, went a little bit crazy with his cash etc and forgot about the football.

If you don't mind I would like to offer my opinion on these "great" South American players...

Ronaldo: Overweight, sluggish, one-trick pony, still bags the goals but not when it matters. Not a man for the big occassion."

Well after reading all those funny posts, obviously some of them got me mad. IF DON'T KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT SOCCER, JUST SHUT UP AND LET THE PEOPLE WHO KNOWS TO TALK!

Europeans think they know everything! They think they can say anything they want! Act like you know everything, THAT'S WHAT YOU GET!

Respect others and you'll be respected!

#65842 - 06/15/05 05:35 PM Re: Argentina 3 Brazil 1, what's going in the world's game.

Answer to Mr. Hammer.

I'm from El Salvador. Traveled all over the country and Central America as a kid, playing futbol (very privilaged latino). Winning a couple of state championships, considered one of the best right backs in the country at the age of 14.

Played some HS ball in California for a 6A School. Played some 4A in South Carolina. Don't want to tell you where, don't want to create controversy...

Now in school, thinking about moving back to California, or maybe to Miami (got some connections), maybe going to play some soccer somewhere. I may end up going to play some soccer in Mexico or El Salvador. I'm pretty confidence, and I already have some connections...

If I stay in America (I don't think it will happen), most likely to work with the latino community, soccer in here is too slow, people don't really care about it, soccer players don't make good money, and soccer is not really what we called "futbol."

The meaning of futbol is "fantasy" soccer, pack stadiums, pro teams in each city, going every sunday to the stadium to support your local team, go crazy in the crowd, on wednesdays Copa Libertadores and Concacaf games, Uncaf too.

Soccer in our contries is the same thing you do with American Football, is fun!

Some of my friends play pro already in El Salvado, I'm sure I can go back and play some over there. I'm really just getting a business degree, then leaving, I may coach some while I'm here but I don't know yet. I don't like working with people that don't know anything about futbol, and that sees soccer as a thread for Americans sports.

Really I came to this forum just to have some fun, talk about some futbol, people came up with some mean words. I'm not going to take any crap like that from anybody!

You want to trash Mexicans? Good, do it, tell them how ignorant they are, how poor they are, since Americans and Europeans always do it anyways, but YOU BETTER RESPECT ME, OR I MAKE YOU RESPECT ME!


Thanks, I hope that responds all your questions.



#65843 - 06/16/05 07:46 AM Re: Argentina 3 Brazil 1, what's going in the world's game.
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ok i read 5 lines of your first post and i have concluded that yes bazza was are ignorant. Shearer was also right, Ronaldo and Maradonna were/are always hurt and/or out of shape.

I didn't care to read on because honestly, the disgraceful way you type gives me a headache. There's no way you'll get a degree from any type of respected university with that chicken scratch

And no, you're not going to make me respect you because seriously, you ARE racist and ARE an idiot.

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