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#65864 - 06/22/05 04:21 PM Re: Argentina 3 Brazil 1, what's going in the world's game.
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when was the last time el salvador beat america at any level of competition

#65865 - 06/22/05 05:11 PM Re: Argentina 3 Brazil 1, what's going in the world's game.

For the first dude.

Bringing Dutch Fork in here would not be appropriate since my best years of soccer were at El Salvador at the age of 14. Dutch Fork soccer? Prefer not to talk about it... To me Dutch Fork was a good chance to get back in shape, I enjoyed beating "SuperIrmo," thought, games againts Wando and Aiken were hot too. I also enjoyed playing with Lugger (good style) and getting to know people like Coach Quinlan and Coach Savitz, both of them are great guys.

For the second dude.

I don't think we have ever beat the US, our biggest rival was always Mexico, and we have a couple of times. We have won some Central Americans, we took Mexico out of Spain 82, we defeated Mexico in the last Panamerican Cup in the championship. To beat the US is nothing really to be proud of, in Concacaf Mexico is the big dog, is the team to beat. Mexico dominates Concacaf... sorry, I'm honest.

Yeah US is better than El Salvador now days, we still pack stadiums though, and don't bore people to death in the pro.

US is getting better, but is not going to get there untill Americans take it more serious. Soccer is still a joke in here, even college profesor have told me that.

Do you want a picture of me too? Its cool man, you respect me, I respect you, that's how it goes.

#65866 - 06/22/05 05:22 PM Re: Argentina 3 Brazil 1, what's going in the world's game.
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World Cup

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Jorge - I think you have lost some sight as to what has been discussed in this thread. Your claim about El Salvador being in the "same breath" as the United States is basically preposterous. Take a look at the FIFA World Rankings:

1 Brazil
2 Czech Republic
3 Argentina
4 Netherlands
5 France
6 Mexico
7 England
8 Portugal
9 Spain
10 United States
11 Italy
12 Sweden
13 Greece
14 Turkey
15 Ireland
16 Denmark
17 Iran
18T Japan
18T Uruguay
20 Korea Republic
21 Germany
22 Croatia
23 Poland
24 Costa Rica
25 Colombia
26 Cameroon
27 Russia
28 Egypt
29 Nigeria
30 Paraguay
31 Saudi Arabia
32 Romania
33 Morocco
34 Ecuador
35T Norway
35T Ukraine
37 Sengal
38 Tunisia
39 South Africa
40 Finland
41 Jamaica
42 Switzerland
43 Slovakia
44 Slovenia
45 Bulgaria
46 Ivory Coast
47T Belgium
47T Israel
49 Serbia & Montenegro
50 Honduras

El Salvador is ranked #110 sandwiched between Cyprus and Congo.

#65867 - 06/22/05 05:47 PM Re: Argentina 3 Brazil 1, what's going in the world's game.



#65868 - 06/22/05 05:49 PM Re: Argentina 3 Brazil 1, what's going in the world's game.

Maybe they should have a tournament against Cyprus and Congo.

#65869 - 06/22/05 06:03 PM Re: Argentina 3 Brazil 1, what's going in the world's game.

Coach... dawn all this trouble because I know about soccer!

People wants to know my name and all that. I'm Ruben by the way, Jorge's big brother, I hope nobody finds out where I live and come and beat me up, or put a "bomb" at my parents house.

I thought I said "we suck" and we do, its a temporary thing. After having a 10 years war from 1980-1990, the country is now one of the poorest in Latin America, and also a country with a lot of violence. I thougth I said "we used to dominate UNCAF." I though I said "find out who Jorge Gonzales is."

I said I came here to make friends, to talk about soccer, you don't have to like me, but you're not going to insult me either... if you do, you have to know what you are talking about.

OK we suck now, it is one of the reasons why I am getting my education in here!

To say Mexico is the big dog (they are), Brazil is the best, Maradona was the best, is not a reason to come out with all that. Find out first! You also want to know what kind of car do I drive? Jesus, you peole are scaring me, man.

So now is bad to say "soccer is a joke in here," why don't you tell that to ESPN Football commentator that are always trashing soccer, they rather put fishing on tv, or poker over soccer!

Is bad to say "MLS is boring?" is not my fault, there is a point in that.

USA is playing good soccer because everybody has gone to England, and yeah USA is getting big in soccer, but is still a joke, I had teachers in High School telling me that everyday, that soccer is still a joke. I had somebody in Wando HS telling me "this is America, soccer is nothing in here, you either sit down or I'll take you out of the stadium."

Finally, I would get Jorge Gonzales DVD, I will give to coach Heise whenever I have it, and that he can post it in here. Maybe you will know what I'm talking about...

What am I suppossed to say? MLS is great? Beckam is the best soccer player I've ever seen?

I though we live in a multicultural society, we are trying to make a point in here, not insulting others.

I apologize if somebody got offende, but they were the ones that offended me first! As I said I'm not going to take crap from anybody. You want to be my friend fine, you don't I don't care.

I just leave man, I may be the one that can't hang out with "real soccer" players.
As I said before, I don't have nothing againts America and if someday I can pay them everyhing I have got from them, I will.

Good Luck in soccer.

#65870 - 06/22/05 06:42 PM Re: Argentina 3 Brazil 1, what's going in the world's game.
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World Cup

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Ruben -- I hope you didn't take my post as an insult. It was not intended that way.

However, it was a point about saying where El Salvador men's soccer is compared to the United States. One of the great things about this country is the "Melting Pot" phenomena :-), but to downgrade others to make yourself or those that you are supporting look better is not a good practice in my opinion. It's kind of like burning down the neighbors house to make it look as bad as the one you're living in -- so-to-speak.

Good luck in your argument!

#65871 - 06/23/05 08:29 AM Re: Argentina 3 Brazil 1, what's going in the world's game.
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Feminin, would you please cut the idiotic talk of "bombing your house"! Only in dirty third world countries such as Iraq and El Slavadore do we have groups(ERP, FPL-Which one are you in?) that resort to personaly bombing homes, goverment buildings, and public venues(sure we have had a few, but third world scum do it for fun daily, thats why our army has to come kick butt all over the world). Who gives a crap how good you think you are in soccer, hby the way how hard is it to win a state championship in 'the savior"? It must not be that hard considering how horrible soccer is there. Quit telling us "lesser" soccer people how bad we are becuase we dont know, or give a sh*t who Jorge G. is. What does he do to make soccer better in our country? Exactly....NOTHING! So unless you want to play for/with us, teach kids to become better players, or generally support soccer in America, go home! Becuase we are the hardest working country in the world and becuase we strive to be the best, and becuase we have the opportunity to do it, we will one day be at the top. So go stroke your ego, whats left of it, and realize that no one cares about you buddy, your funny....

#65872 - 06/23/05 01:01 PM Re: Argentina 3 Brazil 1, what's going in the world's game.

One last word,

I helped the DF JV team on 04, just find out what their record was... I'm not Jorge Gonzales but I know a good bit of futbol...

I came to Dutch High when we had people on the team that had never played soccer in their lives! Nobody except for Lugger knew who Ronaldinho was...

People was scared of cebrating goals, I got a yellow card for celebrating a goal againts Sumter... they told me "here is America, we don't celebrate goals in here."

I got a letter jacket that said "Rivas" in the back... people told me that a letter jacket was only for football players... I'm sure after graduating people knew that the soccer players also deserve a letter jacket!

Dutch Fork used to be so scare of Irmo... they though Irmo was like Real Madrid or something... Guess what, Dutch Fork is going for the state this year and hopelly I'll be there helping them, I owe a lot to Coach Quinlan and to Dutch Fork High School. Dutch Fork soccer is a big pride for our town now.

Last time talking to a coach I said "High School soccer needs D1, that way it would be more competitive"

You know what his answer was?

"Too much money to do it"

I said,

"I though they do that in football"

Here is the big answer,


That was the answer of a Coach that is a good friend of mine.

I asumme that if you talk about something is because you know about it!

If you talk to me about Basketball I'll be quit the whole time, and listen to what you have to say. I can't just insult somebody without knowing him, that's unethical.

In HS games, playing againts LR was not even fun. At one point we did not try anymore, it was like 20 to 0! I loved to play againts Irmo, Spring Valley, Maldin, Wando, that's the kind of game you want to win.

Do you believe in rankins? El Salvador is like 120 or something and USA is top 15, I think. When they played againts each other in the last qualifying match. It was 2-0, El Salvador got a red card 10 minutes in the game.

So if El Salvador is top 125 and USA is top 15, wouldn't the score be more like 5-0 at least? Just wondering...

USA is a world superpower, you guys have to start thinking about Brazil, Argentina, Germany, Italy right now... Mexico should not be a problem for such a great country!

"MLS is boring" you think I want MLS to be boring, not I don't, because I live in here, and I want to watch good soccer in TV. You ever wonder why Americans are going to Premier instead of going to Spain, Italy, Argentina or Brazil?

If USA and MLS wants the respect, they have to impress South Americans or Latinos, we love "fantasy" soccer, Spain and Italy love latinos because of our fantasy...

Yeah I'm from a third world country, and I love it, and I love USA too. Why? because even though I'm paying for my education, this country is giving me the knowledge I need.

Since you alredy know who we are and how we think, here is a good quoute.

"Soccer is an sport, futbol is an art."

First you ask who I'm and all that, then you think I'm a joke... you have to listen peoples critics in order to get better, I learned that in here in the US.

I've hear how Europeans trash Americans and South Americans too, you think they say good thinks about us? They pick on Americans everyday because of soccer. They can't pick on Southamericans soccer, so they pick on their poverty and ignorance... Southamericans laugh on European soccer...

Last thing,

England defeated Argentina in the last world cup, the whole country went nuts, nobody went to work that day, it was time to celebrate, it was like a holiday, they defeated a "southamerican" team.

I may not be an American, but I want America to be the best in soccer too, just like you and everybody who plays soccer in here, because whenever I move from here, I'm going to be representing American soccer, or South Carolina soccer so I have give everybody a good taste of it.

Thanks for reading the posts. Just making sure I leave in a good way.

#65873 - 06/23/05 01:44 PM Re: Argentina 3 Brazil 1, what's going in the world's game.
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One day we will be able to celebrate great goals(it is a stupid rule to not be able to celebrate a great goal), maybe one day we can celebrate as a country after a big national team win. But we need the experience to get there. Pele came to play in America in the 70's to help bring the passion of the game, and since then it has steadily grown. Sure we get no respect, but it has to be earned. If you worked at DF then you know the quality of the program there and the quality teams that they played. But we need to spread the game into the rural areas, get the kids involved earlier, and with the influx of many spanish speaking kids, we need to work together to get them involved(becuase they have a passion for the game) We need more coaches to help us in that area, not bring us down even more than the old folks at ESPN and the likes who wont program soccer matches and put the game down. We, as a country, know what we have to do to make the sport better here, so lets all put the squabling aside and strive to be better fans, players, and coaches!

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