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#68550 - 05/19/06 09:33 PM Re: Arsenal vs. Barcelona
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I'm saying that there's discrecion within the laws of the game. Ref would have been within the laws of the game either way he made that decision. If Giuly were given that chance and missed, I would think that HE would be slated.

#68551 - 05/20/06 03:16 PM Re: Arsenal vs. Barcelona

no one on ABC or ESPN really know what they are talking about!!! they just kind of make stuff up as the game goes along, that is why the WC is going to suck this year, just like all the other years!!!

#68552 - 05/20/06 03:23 PM Re: Arsenal vs. Barcelona
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Champions League referee admits mistake

Bazza, surely you're not going to continue arguing this point after the President of FIFA AND the referee in question have both said he made the wrong call.

If the advantage had have been played and Giuly missed, he would have been slated, not the ref, I firmly believe the referee would have been given a lot of credit to try and maintain the flow of the game.

And to elaborate on what EC said previously about discrecion within the game and the ref being right either way - perfectly put - its knows as FIFA Law 13 - the commonsense rule.

FIFA did make a bad call having a referee from Norway, they have a weak domestic league and obviously their officials are not up to officiating elite-level matches such as the Champions League final - I think there were much better alternatives around than that crew!! One of the linesmen posed in a Barca jersey for a newspaper a few days before the match for heavens sake!!

"Professionalism" - this is the Champions League Final don't forget!!


PS: Terje Hauge has refereed nine (9) top-level matches this season (05/06) and in those nine games he has issued a staggering 31 yellow cards and two red cards!!

#68553 - 05/20/06 04:10 PM Re: Arsenal vs. Barcelona

i dont know that giving 31 yellows and two reds qualifies you as good, it just means the game goes a lot slower, and the ref likes giving cards. come on 33 cards in 9 games, that is ridiculous!!!

#68554 - 05/22/06 10:28 AM Re: Arsenal vs. Barcelona
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So are you saying that no ref form the US should ever referee high level games such as World Cup??
Because the Norwegian League is a lot better quality than MLS.
FYI, Blatter is a fool, I wouldn't listen to anything he said. The ref actually said he could have waited a few more seconds with his whistle, but that he was happy with what he did.

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