In an attempt to "better" the selection process for the North-South Soccer Classic, a preliminary meeting was approved at the Winter Clinic this past January and held on March 24th at Stratford HS (South Teams) and T.L. Hanna HS (North Teams), respectively.

The FINAL Selection Meeting will be held Sunday, April 21st at Brookland-Cayce HS at 10 a.m. in the Media Center. For coaches attending the Selection Meeting, please park on the Indigo Avenue (parallel to Knox Abbott Drive) side of the school by the Tennis Courts.

The purpose of this "preliminary meeting" was to identify potential senior SCHSL candidates for the annual event held each June in Charleston. Listed below are the nominees for these prestigious matches.

***Note: Coaches of these players must confirm their intent to play if selected, so please send an e-mail to SCSOCCER.COM ( if you have a player nominated on whether or not he/she can participate in this event. If they cannot attend, we will remove them from the nominee list. Please have this confirmation by Sunday, March 31st.

The coaches for this event will be:

North Boys Head Coach -- Frank Sullivan (Pickens)
North Boys Asst. Coach -- Mike Kinnally (J.F. Byrnes)

South Boys Head Coach -- Kevin Heise (Brookland-Cayce)
South Boys Asst. Coach -- Russell Shelley (Sumter)

North Girls Head Coach -- Kris Long (Spartanburg)
North Girls Asst. Coach -- Peter Heusinger (Stratford)

South Girls Head Coach -- Scott Ferguson (Wando)
South Girls Asst. Coach -- Steve Lea (Spring Valley)

SCHSSCA members in attendance for the South session were: Troy Bennage (Academic Magnet); Ron Brady (Summerville); Scott Ferguson (Wando); Kevin Heise (Brookland-Cayce); Kyle Heise (SCSOCCER.COM); Anthony Pelton (Fort Dorchester); Bob Polk (Summerville); Ric Raycroft (Hanahan); Tom Reilly (Wando); Scott Ruggles (Stratford); and Ben Schoen (Waccamaw).

SCHSSCA members present at the FINAL selection process held at Brookland-Cayce HS were:

Russ Haselden (Buford); Chris Christian (Chapin); Brian Hart (Southside Christian); Dick Hiller (Chapin); Randy Jordan (Buford); Gary Mohr (Pendleton); Denny Saverance (Fort Mill); Dick Smith (T.L. Hanna); Frank Sullivan (Pickens).

Hank Betcher (Columbia); Ron Brady (Summerville); Steve Brown (Lugoff-Elgin); Kevin Darlington (Ridge View); Will Eudy (Brookland-Cayce); Kevin Heise (Brookland-Cayce); Byron James (A.C. Flora); Newt Merricks (North Myrtle Beach); Ric Raycroft (Hanahan); Tom Reilly (Wando); Scott Ruggles (Stratford); Ben Schoen (Waccamaw); Russell Shelley (Sumter).

Buster Beacham (Greenville); Stephen Cianciolo (T.L. Hanna); Heather Frederick (Irmo); Kris Long (Spartanburg).

Troy Bennage (Academic Magnet); Scott Ferguson (Wando); Peter Heusinger (Stratford); Steve Lea (Spring Valley); Erik Norton (Dreher).


NORTH GIRLS -- 29 Nominated

Goalkeepers -- Amber Markley (Lexington)

Defenders -- Ashley Baker (Irmo), Gaelyn Byrnes (Greenville), Stephanie Davenport (Walhalla), Amy Devine (Riverside), Ashley Kaiser (Walhalla), Adriane Klebe (Easley), Megan Kuszmaul (P.M. Dorman), Katie Powers (P.M. Dorman), Allison Spangler (Greenville), Mary Thompson (Lexington)

Midfielders -- Kacie Deon (Riverside), April Howe (Walhalla), Katy Owensby (P.M. Dorman), Lesley Powers (Aiken), Alyssa Winbourn (D.W. Daniel)

Forwards -- Katy Baker (North Augusta), Meghan Beam (Riverside), Dana Boothe (Walhalla), Erica Devine (Riverside), Tina Dickson (Irmo), Julie Jefferson (Lexington), Natasha Moore (Hillcrest), Leslie Powers (Aiken), Jamie Smith (Seneca), Megan Smith (Riverside), Ashley Timmerman (Aiken), Hillary Twigg (Chapin), Pria ??? (Hillcrest)

SOUTH GIRLS -- 39 Nominated

Goalkeepers -- Sarah Goode (Socastee); Hayley Lawrimore (Academic Magnet); Laura Snell (Spring Valley)

Defenders -- Melissa Bailey (Goose Creek), Tammi Cornwell (Dutch Fork); Kristen Dzuris (Waccamaw), Rebecca Garr (Academic Magnet), Jessica Green (Stratford), Kim Haggman (West Ashley); Nikki Huch (Stratford), Judith Justice (A.C. Flora), Katie McGinty (Bishop England), McKensie Lassiter (James Island); Carla McQuillen (Beaufort)Meghan Sherrat (Dutch Fork), Holley Smoak (Hanahan); Michael Lindsey Sonefeld (Brookland-Cayce)

Midfielders -- Ryan Birch (Dutch Fork), Lindsey Click (Hilton Head); Lauren Dyches (Wando), Kathryn Goodman (Hilton Head); Hannah Greene (Spring Valley), Sidney Hester (North Myrtle Beach), Lindsay Jones (Ridge View), Sarah Kersey (Wando), Ashley Miller (Carolina Forest); Christine Schiffner (Goose Creek), Stacy Simpson (Richland Northeast), Nancy Wilson (Bishop England)

Forwards -- Missy Ferguson (West Ashley), Chimere Ellerbee (West Ashley), Malia Ford (Waccamaw), Katie Foster (Dreher), Laura Frawley (James Island), Carly Lynch (Hartsville), Ashleigh Messervey (Summerville), Bryn Post (Richland Northeast), Blair South (Dreher), Brandi Warren (Hartsville)

NORTH BOYS -- 47 Nominated

Goalkeepers -- Matt Robertson (York)

Defenders -- Graham Callaway (J.L. Mann), Richie Carter (Buford), Ben Clarke (Edisto), Dylan Curtis (Irmo), Erik Forbes (Seneca), Mike Grande (Aiken), Trevor Hansard (Easley), Scott Heinzelman (Chapin), Owen Jackson (Chapin), Chris Lee (Riverside), Eric Lundblade (Aiken), Sid Mullins (Irmo), Mike Myers (Aiken), Nelson Poe (Greenville), Joshua Schaidle (Mauldin), Aaron Taylor (Emerald), Dustin Williams (J.F. Byrnes)

Midfielders -- John Beeco (Easley), Jay Bracknell (Greenville), Matt Braxton (Edisto), Paul Coleman (P.M. Dorman), Justin Cooley (Wren), Cameron Farris (York), Jon Griffin Hale (Belton-Honea Path), William Kendrick (Clover), Justin Litzenberger (Seneca), Jeffrey Looney (Southside Christian), Aaron Pretulak (P.M. Dorman), Sepp Stoner (Irmo), Jonathan Sturtz (T.L. Hanna)

Forwards -- Jorge Atehortua (Southside), Erik Belk (Buford), Jonathan Coburn (Airport), John Cooper (Riverside), Geoff Cox (Fort Mill), Chris Denman (Belton-Honea Path), Kurtis Evans (Edisto), Mychal Frost (Rock Hill), Allen Fountain (Batesburg-Leesville), Preston Gauntt (McCormick), Jason Hargraves (Rock Hill), Kevin Holder (Irmo), Jay Orders (Greenville), Ithiel Sanchez (Walhalla), Robert Worley (Rock Hill), John Zara (York)

SOUTH BOYS -- 50 Nominated

Goalkeepers -- Jimmy Danko (Spring Valley), Colby Pagan (Stratford), Russ Sandifer (A.C. Flora), Cory Smith (Brookland-Cayce)

Defenders -- R.P. Benik (Myrtle Beach), Robert Blain (Academic Magnet), David Cole (Socastee), Michael Conway (Wando), Brandon Huell (Wando), Charles Kiser (Walterboro), David Knox (Brookland-Cayce), Michael Lorick (Ridge View), Thomas Mann (Brookland-Cayce), David Mock (James Island), Marvin Poole (Summerville), Caleb Smeraldo (North Myrtle Beach), Ben Tripp (Dutch Fork), Brent Washburn (Barnwell), Jay Watterworth (Goose Creek), Eric Weishuhn (Stratford), Walt Wilson (Myrtle Beach)

Midfielders -- Ben Bostick (Dutch Fork), Joey Brasington (Lugoff-Elgin), Ryan Griffin (Myrtle Beach), John Halka (Academic Magnet), Chris Harmon (Stratford), Daniel Harvey (Barnwell), Trey Janes (Waccamaw), Thomas Kandl (Bishop England), Anthony McKenzie (Myrtle Beach), David Morris (Georgetown), Zack Naert (Fort Dorchester), Will Plexico (Summerville), David Rautenberg (North Myrtle Beach), Eric Richardson (Wando), Joel Sapp (Waccamaw), Jabari Seabrook (Brookland-Cayce)

Forwards -- Domenico Banks (Blackville-Hilda), Ross Carr (West Florence), Charles Furtick (Denmark-Olar), Raffaele Giordano (Spring Valley), Gerado Gomez (Lugoff-Elgin), Ryan Griffin (Myrtle Beach), Jason Henderson (North Myrtle Beach), Thomas Hughes (Ridge View), Jake Hund (James Island), Mac McCutcheon (Myrtle Beach), Walker Nickles (A.C. Flora), Cody Perrot (Ridge View), Peyton Toole (Dutch Fork)