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#72282 - 10/19/06 06:09 PM Re: Under 14 Girls Challenge [Re: futbol(soccer)]
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throw in

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Kobayashi Maru solution??? By definition one doesn't exist. However, it's also supposedly a developed simulation, therefore, it would reason that someone knows a solution. After all, how could there not be a solution, unless someone exhausted all potential answers and therefore developed the appropriate counter to such.

#72283 - 10/19/06 07:56 PM Re: Under 14 Girls Challenge [Re: futbol(soccer)]
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Its not at all hard to setup friendlies out of SC, particularly with Charlotte teams. Charlotte folks are known to be crazed and obsessed.

Kobyashi Maru? Jeez Louise.......anyone see "Benchwarmers"? Little midget guy that comes on at the end.....for folks that like Napolean Dynamite its a really good movie. Stupid funny....

#72284 - 10/19/06 08:56 PM Re: Under 14 Girls Challenge [Re: Big Daddy]
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CESA 93 beat CESA 92 last night 1-0...Any information on the game?

#72285 - 10/19/06 09:36 PM Re: Under 14 Girls Challenge [Re: coldhardtruth]
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Big Daddy: Its been darn near impossible to set up friendlies with any NC elite girls teams over the last two years. CASL elites younger teams stay close to home.

#72286 - 10/19/06 09:53 PM Re: Under 14 Girls Challenge [Re: sweet feet]
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>>[Hurst66] I have said many times on this board that CESA does a great job. Chico has pointed out consistently that Bridge FA is also on the right path. CESA is the paradigm, no question about it.<<

Two small observations. I think that Bridge FA is beyond the right path and can be easily stated as "doing a great job." The club won several state championships in its first year. Perhaps more impressively, they are one of the top clubs in the state in terms of overall winning percentage in challenge while also fielding teams competing in RIIIPL-East.

And while CUFC seems to have a bit of a problem in terms of winning percentage in its teams competing in SC challenge, I honestly believe that there's absolutely no reason that this club can't have the same type of success as Bridge or CESA. They certainly have the talent, both in terms of coaching and players, to reach this level of success.

#72287 - 10/19/06 09:53 PM Re: Under 14 Girls Challenge [Re: Shibumi]
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>>[azzuri] Good to see a reaonable person trying to address a legitimate question. Not sure if Chico skipped his medication, but suggesting Lexington, CFC, Aiken or Congaree might just be able to play with the CESA premiere or bridge teams leads to a ridiculous rant about breaking 12 year old girls legs. Man you have problems! <<

Sigh... Let's go back to basics. The concept of "breaking their legs" is a metaphorical "ridiculous rant" based on typical dystopian literature best exemplified by Vonnegut's Harrison Bergeron. The opening line is pretty famous: "The year was 2081, and everyone was finally equal." The concept was that equality was achieved through bringing everyone down to the lowest common denominator.

To apply this comment to this dialogue -- the idea that we should "force" teams to play in less capable age brackets for the benefits of other, less qualified teams, seems to be a bit akin to the dystopia that Vonnegut was warning us about. In essence, there are two ways we can make South Carolina youth soccer more competitive -- by making the average team better or by making the best teams worse. I don't want to go into my typical "SCYSA rant" concerning their decision last year -- but basically, my core problem with the geographic solution was that the SCYSA chose to invent a set of rules to handicap competitive South Carolina soccer rather than trying to solve the issues it faced by increasing the quality of South Carolina soccer. But enough of that...

And while there is no doubt that I "have problems" (as do most of us), one problem I don't have is being able to read what is written on this message board occasionally in a non-literal sense. However, I do apologize for confusing you into thinking that I was actually advocating the literal breaking of anyone's legs. But then again, perhaps this entire conversation is yet another "equality" problem that we need to solve. I'll be checking in for my lobotomy later tonight. [Note: Once again, this is not a comment that should be taken literally.]

>>All I was saying (and others) was keeping teams that are elite in their age group challenges every other team (which are not far behind).<<

I actually understood what you were saying. I just find it to be a reprehensible philosophy to cripple the best among us in the name of achieving the common good, whether it's done at an individual or a team level.

>>Are you really concerned about SC soccer or just two teams?<<

Here's what might be fascinating to you -- I'm really concerned not just about SC soccer but about SC in general. No matter how much some of us might want to ignore it, there is life outside the borders of SC. Our children -- heck, we ourselves -- are living in an increasingly global world -- and trying to meet an increasingly challenging environment through the "dumbing down" of our best and brightest -- whether that be on the pitch, in the schools, or wherever -- does not seem to me to be an incredibly viable theory.

>>As an argument this was being sold early in the season that no one could beat the CESA U14 girls...Yea they are just that much better...I dont think so, and now we know so. Cesa and Bridge may dominate at the U 13 level, but suggesting they won't is not holding them back.<<

Okay...I'll admit that I'm not bright enough to completely parse the semantics of this particular section. I don't follow this age group at a level to understand the wins and losses of CESA or any other team, which I'm guessing I'd have to in order to grasp your point here.

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