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#79955 - 03/19/07 12:11 PM Strongest Region 4A
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Who do you think is the strongest region in 4A as a whole? As of now, based on the top 15 information, and records, I would have to say it looks like this...

1. Region 4
2. Region 5
3. Region 3
4. Region 8
5. Region 2
6. Region 7
7. Region 6
8. Region 1

Any other opinions?

#79956 - 03/19/07 02:16 PM Re: Strongest Region 4A [Re: yoyoyoshi]
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Try this
1. 5
2. 3
3. 8
4. 4 and 7
6. 2
7. 6
8. 1

Can't see how region 5 can be beat. SV,DF, RV and now RNE is competive.
3 looks to have new rivals and close games.
8 is very competive with the last 3 games of the season determine play-off seeds.
The rest is a little easier to decide. good games but not all are competive. irmo wins 4 and wando wins 7 w/o any problems.
The rest you can put in your own order. That is mine.

#79957 - 03/19/07 04:47 PM Re: Strongest Region 4A [Re: Coach J]
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correct me if im wrong but doesnt region 4 have Lexingotn and Irmo? the region also has south aiken and aiken who have both proved to be very strong competitive teams...and i can see how regoin five can be beat...DF, SV, and RNE have all fallen to Lex and Irmo..

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#79958 - 03/20/07 03:36 AM Re: Strongest Region 4A [Re: SpacemanSpiff]
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yes i would have to agree that region 4 is tougher than region 5 from top to bottom, ridge view and rne do not compare to south aiken or aiken while both irmo and lexington have beat df and spring valley.

#79959 - 03/20/07 04:14 AM Re: Strongest Region 4A [Re: alexander]
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South Aiken is nothing this year. Lexington and Irmo beat Spring Valley while they had upt to 5 players unable to play. From what I hear, Lexington beat DF while Cates was away. And DF has also split with Irmo. I still say region 5 is the best even with the absence of Irmo.

#79960 - 03/20/07 12:27 PM Re: Strongest Region 4A [Re: PKSpot]
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Region 4 is much better than 5. Where do you get the proof that South Aiken is nothing? They are much better than RNE. Irmo and Lexington still beat Spring Valley as well as Dutch Fork. Spring Valley may be missing a few players but I seriously doubt they will play better with them. Those players may be individually better than some of the ones playing now but soccer is a team sport. Lexington was also missing players for the Dutch Fork game because of suspensions from the Dorman game. I think those were just lame excuses trying to take away from Irmo and Lexington's wins.
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#79961 - 03/20/07 01:10 PM Re: Strongest Region 4A [Re: touché]
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I'm not trying to argue which region is better cause I could care less, but you can't say that Spring Valley wouldn't play better with their players. When a team is down some of their better players, they will probably not be as sharp. What happened to NW when they played without Kropp?

#79962 - 03/20/07 02:13 PM Re: Strongest Region 4A [Re: Midlandsoccer17]
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Im sick of SV only excuse for losing is they were without players. Every game they have lost this year that has been their excuse! IT HAPPENS it is a part of the game. Other teams have been down players too! Now to the topic i think from top to bottem 4 is better than 5 SA and Aiken are more competitive than ridgeview and RNE. Perfect example Lex had 2 goals on RNE in the first 4 mins was it?
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#79963 - 03/20/07 05:53 PM Re: Strongest Region 4A [Re: kick_ball]
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the question is who has the toughest region overall so you can say right now that lexington, irmo, dutch fork, and spring valley are all a toss up. well ridge view has beat rne twice now and both aiken and south aiken have defeated ridge view. south aiken defeated ridgeview 3-0 while aiken beat them 1-0 in pk's. Comparing the regions team for team, Region 4 seems to be the more difficult region

#79964 - 03/20/07 07:15 PM Re: Strongest Region 4A [Re: alexander]
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region 4 is tougher this is because they have 4 teams in the 4A top 15 and three of the teams are in the top 10
RV has beaten RNE twice now because RNE just doesnt seem to be lucky both of the games were dominated by RNE but some how the ball could not get into the back of the net either the goalie made a great save or the ball hit the post