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Last year coaches at the GPS, Cainhoy and USAMP actively engaged in "where will you play" threats to the kids and parents. Our experience with the training and communication continues to be far better than when we were at those clubs, so not being in the league doesn't bother me as much as the grown men putting their love of their youth soccer patches above that of the local kids and parents. Again, driven out of fear of the shortcomings in their own product.

Unless they decide about Fall 2019 before the end of April, they wont be able to threaten kids with that this year.

I can confirm this happened as well with at 2/3 of the clubs mentioned. This certainly looked like a pre-emotive and calculated move then, and more so now. The kids on our team personally experienced and we lost a couple. One did say if the Battery got a DA team, they be back though.

Coach G, I hope you are right. I also hope that those decisions are made before parents are asked to choose where to play. One of those clubs mentioned above used a Ďhard sellí tactic giving only 24 hours after evals to commit or risk losing your spot. Thatís cold.

I canít speak for any club but the one I work in & we didnít have those tactics. We also arenít in a super competitive area like Charleston. Regardless, I donít ageee with that tactic of trying to keep players.

Agreed Shamrock. Hopefully the league will have made & publish their decision of any changes regarding clubs before tryout season. Until coach then, letís continue the banter 😁
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