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A SCHSSCA member has submitted the following proposal for consideration by SCHSSCA to submit to the SCHSL if more than 70% of the membership suppports such a measure. Please review and vote in thread above.

As a spring sport, soccer lost nearly it’s entire season last year. By limiting the playoffs to only the top 2 teams in each region, only 20% of the student athletes in soccer will have had the opportunity to play in the state tournament (vs. 60 % in fall sports and basketball).

This modification would allow for the normal 32 team playoffs and extra time to make up games delayed by COVID and weather, while maintaining the 2 days-between-games protocol.

The modified season would look like this:
- May 11 last play date
- May 14/15 1st round
- May 18/19 2nd round
- May 21/22 3rd round
- May 25/26 4th round
- May 28/29 State Finals

This schedule give 1 ˝ weeks at the end of the season for make-up games or to reschedule games to avoid playing the week after spring break (which was the league’s suggestion for basketball after winter break.

Everything should be done to make sure that the sports that lost their season last year get to play a complete season and playoff this year. Baseball and softball season was extended. They play double elimination thus extending their season into June and doubling the number of games they get to play. We are asking for regular playoffs and an extended season so that we can get a full season in for the student athlete's benefit.