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We wanted to reach out with exciting news about the Charity Cup soccer tournament and its expansion! Last year, we had 43 teams from 6 states (Texas, Virginia, Alabama, North Carolina, Georgia, and South Carolina) participate in the Charity Cup (Atlanta area). We are excited to announce that there will be 4 charity-type tournaments (3 tournaments and 1 jamboree inspired from the Charity Cup tournament) to choose from that will bless their communities through soccer!

Last Charity Cup (East) teams were able to bless 5 local pregnancy resource centers from their donations and support. Donations were delivered to bless women/children/men at these organizations in these communities! Please LIKE and Follow our Charity Cup Facebook page to see the pictures of previous teams, soccer action, and Tournament Celebration:


Charity Cup (East Metro Atlanta) on April 5th-6th, 2024: This invitation is for YOU and any Private School and Homeschool team (Varsity boys/girls, JV boys/girls, and MS boys/girls) to come to the Atlanta metro area on Friday-Saturday for the 4th Annual Charity Cup. United Home Schoolers will again host this tournament so put it on your calendar (friend's schedule too). Also, look to see if you need to warn your team about not planning vacations until before/after these dates because this could be during the first/second part of your Spring Break.

Contact: Steven Joyce 404-281-9641 unitedhssports@gmail.com

Charity Cup West (Montgomery, AL) on March 1st-2nd, 2024: At the Tournament Celebration, I was able to share the plan to support a second site Charity Cup West in Alabama next year. Ezekiel Academy and 16 Springs YMCA will co-host this tournament at new 17 Springs YMCA fields. This would be very similar to our Charity Cup East (Atlanta area) on a Friday/Saturday with some of our teams yet limited to 8 Varsity boys teams and 8 Varsity girls teams private and homeschool ONLY and the charity is designated for the local pregnancy resource center.

Contacts: Justin Damron 334-398-3674 justindamron@ymcamontgomery.org or West White 601-596-8209 Registration link: https://operations.daxko.com/programs/redirector.aspx?cid=2232&pid=113650&sid=2229038

LoneStar Cup Charity Challenge National Homeschool Tournament (Dallas, TX) on February 16th-17th, 2024: Texas Storm Homeschool Athletics varsity girls team attended our tournament and was able to start a third tournament called the LoneStar Cup Charity Challenge National Homeschool Tournament in metro Dallas, Texas next year. This would be similar to our Charity Cup East (Atlanta area) on a Friday/Saturday yet limited to Varsity girls homeschool teams ONLY with their charity benefitting their local pregnancy resource center.

Contact: Kinsey Hayman 214-280-4181 kinseyh@gmail.com

LightHouse for Life Jamboree (Columbia, SC) on February 10th, 2024: Providence Athletic Club (SC) was able to start a preseason jamboree two years ago. This is three 30-minute games on a Saturday for Varsity boys/girls, JV boys/girls, and MS boys/girls private, public, and homeschool teams. This charity jamboree benefits the LightHouse for Life which supports survivors of human trafficking.

Contact: Jennifer Aurednik 803-269-6020 pacpanthers@windstream.net

*Please reach out to each tournament's specific contact person for more information (registration, prices, and other logistics)*

Again, we are looking forward to seeing you soon (even if it's out of season for you like some of our out-of-state teams) and if you know of anybody or companies that would like to help sponsor the 2024 Charity Cup, please give us their name and contact information. Also, if you know of any College coach(es) that would be interested in attending/recruiting next year please give us their name, college, and contact information.

Thanks for your interest in these 4 charity tournaments and hopefully we will see you at one (or more) of these tournaments!

Steven Joyce
United Home Schoolers
Charity Cup Director

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Twitter: @UnitedHSSports

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